People behind the Emergency Response fundraiser. Who are they? Can we trust them?

Money from this fundraiser goes to Razom for Ukraine and will be transferred by Facebook to Razom’s bank account. Organizers you see on the fundraiser page are representatives of RazomForUkraine ( Lyuba Shipovich ), Nova Ukraine ( Nick Bilogorskiy , Ostap Korkuna ), Revived Soldiers Ukraine ( Irina Vashchuk Discipio ). The limit is 4 people per Facebook fundraiser that’s why we can’t add representatives of Sunflower of Peace , United Help Ukraine , Euromaidan-Warszawa , and other orgs that joining this fundraiser. Though activists from all these orgs are connected in the chat and have daily status calls. Updates after these calls you can read in the fundraiser’s posts with hashtag #Update.

Razom is a well-established 501c3 organization. Access to the bank account have only our treasurer Oksana Falenchuk and the president Dora Chomiak.

Activists from all participated organizations are gathering needs, looking for the best prices, negotiating with sellers, organizing trainers, coordinating with representatives of territorial defenses. Razom’s volunteer Anya Sobolevs'ka is appointed to pay for backpacks, medicine, equipment, training and other goods needed for training using Razom’s credit card. The first transactions are expected to happen tomorrow and will be published in daily reports in this fundraiser.

If you want to see previous activities of the participated organizations check their website for yearly reports, teams, completed projects, etc.


Nova Ukraine

United Help Ukraine

Revived Soldiers Ukraine

Sunflower of Peace