Open Science Presentations

Adopting Open Science at Any Career Stage: A Panel Discussion

Improved Specification using OSF (BITSS RT2 Los Angeles)

Introduction to Open Science (UC Consortium on the Developmental Science of Adolescence, UCLA)

Open Science (Talk with João F. Guassi Moreira for the Undergraduate Journal of Psychology at UCLA)


Here is my NSF GRFP Application for STEM Education and Learning Research: Mathematics

Here is a podcast where Mark Straccia and I discuss advice for the GRFP

My Favorite Writing Resources

Scientific Writing MOOC Course by Kristin Sainani

How to communicate value in your academic writing with Larry McEnerney

Automatic Reference check from

DOI search from Crossref

Writing flow playlist by ChilledCOw

Twitter Hashtags for support #ACwri #PHDchat

Other helpful articles for graduate students

Other resources for WPI students