Hiring the hall

The Hall is a great venue for all sorts of events.

Feel free to call Francis 0210565787 or Derek 021654339 to discuss in advance of booking.

Please note that the Hall is subject to the Kāpiti Coast District Council's noise control regulations and because it is located in a residential area, the Hall is not suitable for loud events. All noise must stop by 10.45 pm.

The Paekākāriki Community Trust hires out the hall on an as-is-where-is basis. The hall has a legal capacity of 195. Please think carefully and ensure that you have booked sufficient time for set up and clean up as we may be unable to accommodate extra time at the last minute. Groups or individuals, may be asked for additional information to satisfy the requirements of the Trust.

Hire rates cover use of the hall and stage, 21 trestle tables (760mm x 1830mm) and 155 chairs. In the kitchen, there are about 100 mugs; 30 tea cups and saucers; 100 side plates; 20 drinking glasses; 3 coffee plungers; a variety of serving plates; a limited supply of cutlery and a few basic implements (pics of kitchen gear here). Additional charges apply for use of the kitchen for catering purposes and for special equipment. You'll find more pictures of the hall here and on our Facebook page.

Please bring your own tea towels, rubbish bags etc, and remember to take your rubbish with you. Please ensure you leave the hall as you found it with all chairs and tables put away. As the hall floor has recently been replaced, please do not drag chairs across the floor but use the trolley provided at the back of the hall. Stack chairs in multiples of 10. Five stacks per row.

Please note: The Trust reserves the right to have a Trust Member present at Events to protect the interests of the Hall.

Hire charges

Hire charges help cover hall running costs - (e.g. rates, rent on the land, electricity, insurance, maintenance, improvements etc) and ensure that the Hall continues to exist as a resource for the Community.

Hall hire

    • Standard rate for the hall: $20 per hour.

    • 24-hour rate: $300, then pro-rata for part days.

    • NOTE: Minimum booking Friday & Saturday nights - 4Hrs (if booked in advance)

Extras (follow links for pictures)

    • Kitchen: for catering/cooking food: $20 per day. (No charge if you just want to make tea and coffee.) There is both a large and small fridge in the kitchen with a small amount of freezer capacity.

    • Crockery and cutlery hire: $1 per person. We have 100 dinner plates, side plates, bowls, wine and drinking glasses, knives, forks, spoons, teaspoons, and coffee mugs. Losses/breakages to be replaced. Picture of catering setting here.

    • Stage lights: $50 per day. (Hazer incl). There are 14 bar-mounted red/green/blue LED Par stage lights. 4 x lights front of stage, 6 x overhead, 4 x back of stage. Desk controlled and simple to use.

    • Film projector and screen: $40 per day.

    • Stereo: (for playing music on CD, computer, iPod): $10 per day.

    • Cordless mic: $20 per day.

    • Powered Speakers x 5: $10 each. 2 x speakers pre mounted for public performance. 3 x speakers stored - suitable for foldback.

    • Additional Power: $50 per day. For external additions to the hall, e.g. food trucks. Please note: We do not supply licencing. Visit the councils website; www.kapiticoast.govt.nz

    • Marquee: $120. (conditions apply). 6m x 3m Marquee erected on the deck of the Hall. Has 3 x side walls if required:

    • Coloured Festoon Lights: $40. (conditions apply)

    • Scaffold Tower 5m: Daily and weekly rates by negotiation. (conditions apply)

Cleaning deposit. The Trust reserves the right to charge a $50 cleaning deposit. The deposit will be returned to you at the end of the hire if the hall is left clean and in the condition it was in before the hire.


If you are hiring the hall, you will need to watch noise levels. The hall is not suitable for very loud gigs, and bands will need to stop playing by 10.45pm. Please close all doors and windows and read the conditions of hire below.

How to book

Simply fill in our online booking form and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

Payment and confirmation of your booking

You need to pay a deposit by internet banking in order to secure your booking. Once you have submitted the booking form, we will email you with payment information and instructions.

Multi-day and long-term bookings. As long-term bookings tend to disadvantage local residents, any long-term booking needs to be approved by the Trust.


If you cancel a week or more before the event, we will refund your fee. Please provide us with a bank account number and name of account holder, and we will transfer the funds electronically.

Access to the hall

Someone will let you into the Hall at the start time you specified on the booking form. Call Francis Mills on 021 0565787 // Derek Borland on 021 654339 (well prior to your booking) if you have not heard from a member of The Trust.

Conditions of hire

    • Any hire is at the discretion of the Trust, and conditions may be varied by the Trust.

    • The Trust reserves the right to cancel bookings in exceptional circumstances should the hall be required for community use. We will provide a full refund.

    • Hirers agree to indemnify the Trust against any damage to the hall or its equipment.

    • Hirers are responsible for cleaning up after using the hall. The hall should be left in the condition it was in before the hire. All rubbish must be removed from the hall and the area around it. Lights, heaters and electrical appliances must be turned off.

    • If the hall and surrounds are not left clean and tidy, the hirer will be charged an additional $50 to pay for a cleaner.

    • Noise levels should not be excessive. Events at the hall are subject to the Kāpiti Coast District Council's noise control regulations. All hirers should respect the fact that the hall is located close to residential properties. Doors and shutters should be closed when loud music is being played. Music must stop by 10.45pm.

    • No sticking posters on the paint work.

    • The use of gear or equipment that the hall does not provide may incur an additional charge. For example, special stage lighting may incur an extra charge to cover electricity.

    • Hirers agree to obtain a special alcohol licence if they wish to sell alcohol to persons attending any function or event in the hall.

    • Absolutely no naked flames or candles in the hall and hirers will provide their own torch for safety in case of a power cut.

    • Hirers agree not to move the piano on to the stage. A breach of this condition will incur a charge of $350, being the cost of re-tuning the piano.

    • All hirers will complete the booking form - agreeing to these terms and conditions. Bookings must allow time for set up and clean up - before and after the event.