I am currently a I-SITE ULNE postdoctoral fellow in the Laboratoire Paul Painlevé at Université de Lille working with Mladen Dimitrov. Before moving to Lille, France, I obtained my PhD degree at University of Arizona, Department of Mathematics. My advisor is Romyar Sharifi. I am interested in number theory, especially Iwaswa theory, automorphic forms, HIlbert modular forms, Galois representations and their related areas. Here is my CV.

Contact Information

Email: sheng-chi.shih@univ-lille.fr

Address: Laboratoire Paul Painlevé

Université de Lille

Bâtiment M2

Cité Scientifique

59655 Villeneuve d'Ascq Cedex


Office: Bâtiment M3, 110B

Office Phone Number: +33320434148


  1. On the Hilbert eigenvariety at weight one Eisenstein points (with Adel Betina and Mladen Dimitrov) , in preparation.
  2. Shimura varieties at level $\Gamma_1(p^{\infty})$ and Galois representations (with Ana Caraiani, Daniel R. Gulotta, Chi-Yun Hsu, Christian Johansson, Lucia Mocz, and Emanuel Reinecke), arXiv:1804.00136, Submitted.
  3. On congruence modules related to Hilbert Eisenstein series, to appear in Math. Zeit. (pdf)
  4. Embedding of fields in simple algebra over global field (with Tse-Chung Yang and Chia-Fu Yu), Asian J. Math. 18 (2014), 365-386. (pdf)


  1. Modular symbols modulo Eisenstein ideals, RTG project. (pdf, magma)