Sputnik 0.1 - the first proper attempt at a robot.

This was powered by 4 AA batteries for the motors and a USB Power Bank for the Raspberry Pi. An L298N dual HBridge controller handled the motor outputs.

Sputnik 0.2 - Closer configuration to the final setup. Gone are the USB Power bank, AA Batteries, L298N motor controller and breakout hat.

Hello 4tronix RoboHat motor controller and 2x18650 Lithium Ion batteries.

Cardboard Design Phase

Sputnik 0.3 - Chassis in acrylic - but 50:1 micro motors not enough to turn the very grippy wheels. Also - not enough room for sensors - back to the drawing board.

Now using plywood as I don't like working with Acrylic. New motors - new ThunderBorg motor controller. And room for 5 ultrasonic sensors. Arduino sitting between wheel motors ready to be connected to sensors.

Taking shape. A complete new chassis - complete with Sputnik shaped top (it's not a jellyfish!) and micro:bit display.