Safe Medicines Use. Doping Prevention.

A new international postgraduate program for healthcare professionals on drugs in sport from the International Olympic Committee Medical & Scientific Commission covering:

  • Clinical use of drugs in sport for injury and illness
  • Prevention of misuse and abuse of drugs in sport
  • Safe, evidence based supplement use
  • Promoting the health of the athlete through effective medicines use

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Sportspharmacy is the specialty field representing pharmacists working in professional sports medicine.

Pharmacists are involved in many aspects of sports medicine including:

  • Providing therapeutic drug treatment to athletes
  • Advice to athletes on drugs prohibited in sport
  • Preventing doping through information and education
  • Medicines selection for sporting events and teams
  • Medicines management in the sport setting
  • Pharmacy service delivery for events and major games

It is imperative that pharmacists have an understanding of the current World Anti-Doping Code and prohibited substances in sport, in order to effectively support athletes make the right decisions about drug use in sport.