A vision of a women who had lost her child but couldn't bear the pain, she was driven insane as a result. This women now haunts a private residence which we will keep private for the clients safety. The drawing below shows a more sinister image of this women as she terrorizes the children.

Wraith like ghost in child's bedroom. Donna Penick saw this ghost showing itself like this to the children in the house. The ghost had an unhealthy attachment to the children.

This young women is a spirit that Donna saw in a dream before going to Willows Weep house. She was very sick looking possibly from drugs and Donna felt this spirit might of died from a overdose. Why she's stuck at Willows weep is still not known.

This drawing is my take on how ghost and spirits appear to people at he Hindsdale dandy house. There are reports of a young women, a man with an ax, and even entities that crawl on all fours. Could there be some kind of portal allowing all these ghosts in?

This image of a priest being controlled by an evil entity was a vision Donna Penick, the teams medium saw. This priest is believed to haunt the Sadamesville rectory.

One of our team members Shelly had a disturbing dream about visiting Monroe House. In it she walks into the house and for some reason she begins to float through the rooms. In one room as she's flying in, a horrible apparition of a woman comes up from the floor under her and grabs her legs. There does seem to be the presence of a woman spirit at Monroe house, she's been seen by past owners, our teams medium, and Nick groff of Paranormal Lockdown. Who is she? Could she be a victim of murder as Donna has said before, or is she the mother of 2 possibly murdered children sometimes seen peering out of the windows?

Ghostly drawing based on a novel. The mention of spirits has been recorded throughout time in books, art, and photography, they are a shared experience that everyone must confront sooner or later.

Ghostly face of a old woman seen in the basement during a private investigation. The woman's face was all that I (Xavier) saw in the darkness of that basement, we were doing evp sessions down there. Location Bellevue KY.