The evidence for these investigations are being looked at and reviewed, so we will be adding photos, evps, videos all the time. Check back frequently so you don't miss a thing!

Revenant Acres Farm

Located at: 10547 E. US 40, Charlottesville, IN 46117

Telephone: 317-847-5633


The land was purchased in 1826 by Josiah VanMeter Sr. The land that was purchased was for the entire town of Charlottesville. Josiah VanMeter named the town Charlottesville and began selling sections of the land to prospective land buyers.

According to the title, Josiah VanMeter sold a portion of the land to John VanMeter and his Heirs for $2,000.00 in 1847. It isn't yet known if Josiah Vanmeter actually built the house.

REPORTS OF ACTIVITY: The reports vary greatly in that pretty much anything thing you can think of is happening there. People say an old women is seen in the house and that both female and male apparitions are seen and heard there, Even children are reported. But recently the activity has gotten very negative and disturbing, evp sessions uncovered voices cursing and saying vulgarities. Investigators have claimed to be touched or scratched in the house. Could the recent negativity from the spirits be due to some investigators and thrill seekers being disrespectful to the dead there? We do not believe in provoking and hope that the spirits at this location can be given the respect they deserve.

Thompson House

Located at: 24 E 3rd St, Newport, KY 41071

Telephone: (859) 261-7469


Thompson house is located on the Ky side of the river, facing the Cincinnati skyline. It was the home of the Tommy gun inventor John Thompson. Before this giant mansion was built it was a 2 room log cabin where Ann and Richard Southgate lived. Richard was the great grandfather of John Thompson.

In 1812 british prisoners were housed in barracks in Newport Ky. In 1814 Richard began building around the log cabin to make it a mansion, it took 7 years to finish. It's believed that the prisoners were used to build it. Richard passed in 1857. The mansions purpose was for important politicians and the wealthy to gather there, Mrs and Mr Abraham Lincoln were guest of the mansion.

John Thompson later moved in to this house to start plans for his semi automatic guns. He had a life in the military and planned on becoming an expert selling large supplies of arms for war. By the time he was finished making the guns the war was over and he had to find a new market for them. A modified version of the guns started selling in stores and became very popular among gangsters at the time.

The house was entered into the national registry of historic places in 1977.

REPORTS OF ACTIVITY: Apparitions moving around the mansion from one room to another. shadows moving, footsteps, doors opening and closing on their own.

There's a story tied to the house that a women committed suicide in the upper most part of the mansion called the window watch room. She was looking out the window to see the ships bringing men back from the war. Suddenly one of the ships exploded, she believed her husband was on the ship and couldn't live without him. There's no facts to prove anyone committed suicide there but the room was used for women to watch for approaching ships carrying their husbands.

S.P.O.O.K.E. was very lucky and honored to be the first team to do a public investigation there. We did get some strange hits on emf detectors and several responses from the spirit box sessions. One of our guest took a photo of us on stage and captured a very strange looking orb in front of Frankie one of our teams investigators.

The photo above shows what might be a ghostly apparition standing in the closet doorway.

This was taken by me (Xavier) in the Green room while we were doing a evp session. I sent the photo to Cameron the manager there to see if he could debunk it, he says that he's had a lot of experiences in the room next to this.

In the photo above there seems to be a light floating right over the mans head, they were conducting a evp session in the widows watch room.

The Berger family owned the property from 1892 to 1921. The Bergers were Belgian immigrants, They did very well for themselves and were well respected in the community. But tragedy stuck when John B was diagnosed with TB in 1905, he died shortly after. His wife and children stayed in the house but decided to rent out the upstairs to a family called the Miars. The Miars had a lot of controversy in their lives at the time due to Ulysses G. Miars kicking his wife out on the streets to fend for herself. she took him to court over this and shortly after allegations of severe child abuse also came to light. Mrs. Miars filed for divorce and for custody of their 3 children. The family is comprised of three children—Earl, age 20; Edna, age 8, and Ernest, age 4. Ulysses and his wife got back together for a short time only to have Ulysses leave her for another women. The strange thing is that the two youngest children edna and ernest show up in the 1910 census and don't show up in the 1920 census. Why is that? What happened to these kids? When Ulysses filed for divorce from his wife he told the courts the she was abusive to the children and would use a whip on them. He dies in Ohio in 1949 but they list the only living child as Earl his eldest.

The Berger family had a good life in the house despite all the drama of the Miars. But things changed when a strange sting of accidents, fires, and deaths starting to affect members of their family. Was the land cursed or was there a presence in the house that brought this all about? Did the Miars youngest children die in the Monroe house at the hands of a abusive mother and father? There's a lot of unanswered questions. We hope to go back and do a full investigation with just our team and try to answer what's haunting what some have dubbed "The Demon House".

Eddie Norris the owner of the Monroe house made this reproduction of a puritan headstone from Salem Massachusetts. Eddie is planing to turn the house into a museum of strange and occult items.

Opening to crawl space where bones were found.

There is a strong presence of children in the upper floor of the house.

The basement is said to be the most haunted and dangerous part of the house due to reports of a evil spirit or spirits, although we did not have anything bad happen to us while there.


Located at: 150 E Main St, Atlanta, IN 46031

Telephone: (765) 387-7623


Roads hotel was built in 1893 in the queen Ann style. It was built by Abraham Kaufman and Newton Rhodes purchased it for his wife, They used it as a hotel and boarding house. In it's day Atlanta Indiana was described as "A center for travel" and roads was the leading hotel for the town that had gained in wealth because of it's railroads and cheap gas prices. The hotel was open until the early 1920s, but was occupied by Newton Roads' widow Clara and their daughter Hazel until I940. Thereafter it remained vacant for seven to ten years. Later other owners made it into a speakeasy and then a brothel. It hosted guest like Al Capone and John Dillinger.

REPORTS OF ACTIVITY: When we did our investigation we were able to capture several pieces of evidence. We noticed that there are shadows that move very quickly from one part of the house to another. Orbs showed up in photos one second and then disappear the next. A strange light flying in mid air shows up on one photo. We believe that there is at least 5 spirits at the hotel based on evp sessions where we get direct responses. The first spirit is a women that used to work in the brothel, Donna feels she was murdered by a man called big mike that was in charge at the time. we captured a evp of a women saying "ME" when asked if she was stuck there. There's also a child that seems to like playing games and answering in knocking sounds. A priest is reported to have killed himself in one of the rooms (this hasn't been confirmed yet) and we have a recording that sounds like it says " I am Christ" or something to that effect. There's also a young man named John Everette, Newton Rhodes son that died of TB in one of the rooms, he died on April 15th 1909. This spirit seems to like messing with the lights and is reported to touch sleeping people in that room. It's important to also note that Newton, Clara his wife and Catherine his stepmother all passed away at the hotel.

10.21.17 During our public investigation at Roads we caught this spirit watching from the shadows.

***Please use headphones for best quality***

Metamora Franklin County Indiana

Exact location is not available to protect the house and it's caregivers.

The house was built about the mid-to-late 1850s. Betsy the former caretaker there always felt a presence that she was not alone. Oftentimes her dog would stare over her head like somebody was standing behind her. She had never felt that the house was haunted until a person came to her about 17 years ago and said that their daughter had lived there at one time and said that the house was haunted. He stated that his daughter while living in the home could not keep one particular door shut that no matter what when she would return to the room the door was once again open when nobody was home.

Donna Penick our teams medium felt spirits in the house, some of them being children and some grown adults that were slaves or servants. Just before Betsy moved away she was still living in the trailer next to the house when her ac kept going off and on over a period of three weeks. Then suddenly her electric had gone out completely and upon further inspection by a certified electrician who was in a neighboring property somehow the cut off wire at the very top of the pole had been removed when nobody had been down there or been up to the top of the pole, and there was no animals surrounding which would have surely caused electrocution if done so. Donna also felt the presence of a women who was there waiting for her husband to come back home from the war. Is this women Eliza who's grave is found near the property?

Sadly we also felt that slaves were kept in the house most likely in the attic. We found leather straps nailed to all four corners of the attic. Were these used to restrain them? we don't yet know the full history of this house but we are sure that very history is still playing out and that these spirits have not found rest.

our friend Treece is the one who contacted us to investigate the house and she says that with a thermal imaging device she was able to see a little girl dancing in one of the upstairs bedrooms as well as an apparition of someone peeking around the corner. Also the sounds of either a woman or a child saying something upstairs.

Leather straps found on all four corners of the attic. We don't know what these were used for but Donna our teams medium did sense that they were utilized to retrain slaves being kept there.

Bellevue Ky. private investigation

April 2018

Located in historic Bellevue Ky a city that was incorporated in 1870, on the banks of the Ohio river. This old city has had it's share of successes in it's early history with the opening of the artificial beaches and Opera house had entertainment that brought settlers from all over. We were approached by a married couple that was having a hard time with the strange occurrences in their new home, and we could tell that it was urgent from their scared faces. Walking with the team to this location on a cold day in April we met up with the couple and prepared for a routine investigation, little did we know that the secrets of this old house would be much more then we expected.

Right away we got to setting up equipment and assigning ourselves to different areas of the house. The owners reported having a fear of going to the basement because of the strong presence of a male spirit and the feeling down there was one of oppression and anger, they always felt scared and even panicked when down there. They also said that when sleeping in there room upstairs they would see shadow figures peeking into the room from the doorway. Sounds of crying and heavy footsteps going up and down the stairs were also reported.

Donna Penick our teams medium started her walkthrough of the house to get a sense of what we were dealing with. Without knowing anything about this location she picks up on the strong presence of a male spirit, who when alive was very abusive to his wife. She also picked up on the female spirit who mainly stuck to haunting the basement area next to what used to be a extra room leading to the outside backyard. The female spirit was extremely sad and depressed, so much so that the owner of the house experienced that same fear, sadness, and even panic attacks as a result. I was to come face to face with this female spirit in the basement which sent chills down my spine. Her face was chubby and seemed swollen from excessive crying, she just had the look of someone in complete pain and sorrow. I only saw her face and nothing more in the darkness of the basement while doing a evp session with one of the other members of the team. Donna also sensed that outside spirits and entities were in the house, being controlled mainly by the aggressive male to possibly cause more fear in the owners by touching their legs and feet while sleeping and even being pulled on out of bed.

Donna got a image of a party being thrown in a park or under a bridge, and there was tents and people doing drugs and drinking. She also saw a fire and smoke but at the time didn't know what to make of it. We later found out that there was a death of a high school boy due to bringing a BBQ grill into a tent and the boy died of carbon monoxide. This spirit nicknamed Johnny would follow Donna into the house and even came home with her. He was very demanding in his message to her which was "HELP ME" So now we had more spirits to deal with and a frightened couple to help.

We don't usually give importance to orbs in photos due to the fact that they are almost always dust or bugs, but there are times when the orb is different and stands out in a strange way. The orbs in the photo here show that they are floating there by themselves and not in a snow flurry of dust or any insect. They also are in the very place the female spirit likes to hide and one orb floating in the work area of the basement where the male spirit is also felt.

After our investigation we took a week or so to look over the evidence and we did catch some very clear evp recordings and photos of strange orbs in the basement. We as a team also feel that the end result should be to help the owners and the spirits of the locations we investigate. To do this we use the powers of Reiki and spiritual cleansing to free spirits and to clear a negative energy from the home and the owners. Donna Penick and Shelly are called in to do these cleanings and the end result is one of a much lighter feeling overall in the home and also the owners letting us know the negative feeling and fear have gone away.


Face I saw in the basement, we believe this is the wife that is heard crying throughout the house.

Sherman Tavern , Dry ridge ky

Built ca. 1812

This special house built ca. 1812 is the last remaining documented inn that was built on the Old Lexington Turnpike and is one of the oldest original structures remaining in Grant County Kentucky (~180 years old). It sits on what is now the campus of the new Sherman Elementary School. Friends of Historic Sherman Tavern

What else do we know about this tavern that sit's out of place surrounded by a elementary school parking lot? Sherman Inn was one of the main coach stops for visitors traveling from Cincinnati, Ohio and Lexington, Kentucky in 1820. The property was sold to the Cason family and they added a tavern to give out bourbon to their patrons. Some of the people passing by and staying there were cattle drovers and Native Americans who would set up camp in the rear and front of the tavern. There's a cemetery on the grounds and some of the main members of the Cason family are buried there. The grave stones stand in an enclosed area fenced in, but eerily close to the elementary school. Do some graves still lay undiscovered under the school itself? Luckily for us the tavern itself was declared a historic landmark of grant county and was left alone during the construction of the school.

What are some of the paranormal happenings reported at this tavern and who haunts it? Well, it's believed some of the Cason family is still there and the presence of at least a male and possibly 2 women have been sighted. There's also a little girl spirit that was been seen and felt during our investigations there.

We also know that there were slaves on the land who worked for the Cason family, There was a sort of tent area where the slaves lived and although they cooked for the guests of the tavern, slaves were never allowed to enter the tavern.

We have a evp of a female that we believe to be one of the slaves who lived on the property. Also strange colored orbs and apparitions have been seen and heard on the property. Our most recent public investigations have turned up evps where the spirits are aware of our presence by saying "People" (audio video below) S.P.O.O.K.E Paranormal currently does all the public investigations for the tavern and donates 100% of the ticket sales to it's ongoing restoration.