2023 Goals

Projects currently underway within Spenik Games include 3 things.

  • Writing a young adult book that will expand the lore and universe I am creating, I plan on finishing the book in 2023 and begin looking for a publisher, with the goal of publishing asap.

  • Creating a video game port of Cinder Shire in order to get the game into people's hands and expand the Spenik Games brand, I plan to have a playable demo out sometime in 2023.

  • Physical sales of Zombies, Shoes, Spells, & Shoes which can be purchased here for $10 (+ Shipping and Handling).

Cinder Shire

A 2-4 player procedural dungeon exploration game where players are racing against one another to collect gear.

Zombies, Shoes, Spells & Swords

A 2-6 player quick paced casual strategy card game.

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Mission Statement

The goal of Spenik Games is to create original tabletop games and to intertwine all the games into a greater universe based within the world of Cinder Shire called the Cinder Shire Universe, or The CSU for short.

The Spenik Games catalogue

Cinder Shire

Cinder Shire is a table-top dungeon crawler, where up to 4 players explore a procedural dungeon in order to find lost artifacts that can bestow their user with powerful abilities. Each player is racing to be the first to complete a full collection of these artifacts. Fight together or against your friends in this epic race. Cast fireballs, throw rocks, or fire your grapple gun or take many more special actions to be the first to build your gear set.

Zombies, Shoes, Spells, & Swords

Would you survive a zombie hoard? Well this card game will answer that question. Gather your survivors, and head towards the Zombie Island; a land stricken by an evil spell that raised the dead long ago, to search for lost treasures. Don't worry if you're caught off guard by a zombie, put on your best pair of shoes to outrun the other survivors, because you don't have to be faster than the zombie you just need to be faster than your slowest companion.

When you find out that your friends really just brought you along to be zombie bait show them you're the boss by beating that zombie and casting a nasty spell on those who left you behind.

Will you be the last to leave the island or will you just be Zombie bait?