The debate on the analysis of the results of the questionnaire distributed in the two cities to citizens, students and public servants followed the path of the "Community Guidelines on the Grant of European Citizenship." What are the factors influencing the political participation of European citizens? In the case of the SPEECH project, analysis of the Croatian and Italian context ".

Both the Split delegation and the largest party in Pescara have intervened with their own thought to engage in a rich discussion of content and objectives to be achieved in the future, in particular on active European citizenship and on unity in diversity.




The objective of the SPEECH project was to strengthen the links between the cities of Split and Pescara that historically have been joined by commercial and cultural agreements to create a common European and Adriatic identity, contribute to the construction of a "European active citizenship" and the development of the democratic and civic participation of European citizens in the spirit of solidarity.

All this has been achieved with the following actions:

1) Signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between the two cities, which foresees the strengthening of the relations between Split and Pescara and the promotion of mutual cooperation based on future European programs, the joint participation in EVS and the joint promotion of active European citizenship.

2) Organization of an event in Pescara on 24 October 2017 in which the Union of peoples of the two cities was represented and the participants were trained on the themes of the functioning of the European institutions, the thematic priorities of the EU and the concept of active European citizenship.

3) Projection of a video on the European Legislative Framework in the EuropAurum that was created at the Europe Direct Center in Pescara on the eve of the Brussels European Parliament.

4) Photo contest "Europe in a picture" with photos taken by the delegation of Split and Pescara.



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