How do I order?

Please fill out this form and we will get back to you about your order. Once we contact you about your order and confirm the details, we will send you a payment request via PayPal. After we receive a payment receipt form PayPal we will process your order.

How long will my order take to make?

Some orders may be sent out within 1-2 weeks depending on our incoming orders. The typical order should be shipped within a 4-6 week window. If we are expecting or experiencing a higher volume of orders we will let you know when you order. Please keep in mind that these are not factory made. Each drum is hand crafted-we work diligently but we don’t rush.

What is your return policy?

Click here for our Return Policy

What is the cost of shipping?

This truly depends on the size of your order. The best example we can provide is the cost of shipping our largest drum. The cost for shipping from St. Louis to Seattle Washington is roughly 65$ through USPS.

Do you ship outside the US or beyond the lower 48?

Yes, we can arrange that. However, it will cost a considerable sum to do so. Please note this on your original order so we can help calculate this cost before we process your order.

Do you have a group or bulk buy program?

Yes we do! Group buying is a great way to save money on shipping and we are happy to give a discount to groups or individuals interested in purchasing 4 or more complete sets or more then 16 of our 10”-17” drums and having them shipped via freight to one location. Please contact us through the order form and we will be happy to discuss your purchase.

Is there educational pricing?

Yes, we have educational pricing available for School Districts, colleges, and Universities. Contact us and we will be happy to assist you with your order.

Is there a student price break?

We do have a student 10% discount for college and university students. When we process your order we will request proof of current enrollment before sending the PayPal request.

Do you make stands?

We build custom stands to order. We are working on standard options for stands. If you need a custom stand let us know when you order and we can talk with you about the options.