A List of Email Addresses that have sent me SPAM and SCAM Emails

I've finally decided to create a list of SCUMBAG, SPAMMERS and SCAMMERS email addresses, after I have added their email address to the list on this page, I shall reply to the arsehole's email address with a link to this page, I can't fight these motherfuckers any other way. I can though let the internet know, hopefully this list will have the effect of other SPAMMERS and SCAMMERS using the email addresses to SPAM and SCAM each other ;) If I'd done this from when I first created an email address there'd probably be about ten million entries... Obviously these people are criminal liars, so the names are just made up, I will add the fake names along with the email addresses if indeed there is a name associated with the email I received.

Mr.David McKay, sent from reply to other

The following email addys are from some scammer telling me someone has logged into my non existant farcebook account, no name of course, but they are somewhat persistent, I've had two emails from this same person...make that three...,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Here's another scumbag criminal spammer/scammer...

A user has just signed in to your Google Account from a new device. We are sending you this email to verify that it is you.

Location :Moscow Russian,,,,,,,,,,