Southland Swim Team


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Registration for Swim Team is now live. Please click on the registration tab and fill in the form.

Hello Current and Future Sharks!! We are ready to begin our season for the Southland Swim Team. We are so excited for this summer and getting to enjoy a fun and competitive season. This site is available for everything you need to know about the program. Hopefully we have provided enough information for you to plan your summer. Please refer to the drop down menu under Home to get information on practices. Meets will be set after May 1st, and we will put out a calendar for all practices and meets. Southland will also be hosting the Conference Championship in July, so we will need all hands on deck this summer! We cannot wait to meet you and your swimmers and get this swim season started!

***If you did not make it to the parent meeting, all the information should be found on this website. It is important to Register soon and get your swim suits ordered. I will have the swim kit with sample sizing in my car, so you can catch me at the pool or email us and we can meet you for try ons!

Check out the tab under Registration to join our Remind!

Cost of Swim Team and Payment

This year we are using an online payment method (PayPal). We will also accept checks, please mail to our team treasurer, Lindsey Elrod, 118 Grand Teton Way, Bowling Green, KY 42104, and put your child(ren)’s name(s) in the memo line of the check!

The deadline for payment is before the first meet. If you choose Paypal, do NOT choose the Paypal Protection option, or you will be charged a fee. - Please list your swimmers, first and last name(s), in the note section.

1 swimmer $115

2 swimmers $185

3 swimmers $230

4 swimmers $265

Swim Team Skill Requirements

The coaching staff will conduct an evaluation of all swimmers to determine if swim team is the right place for your swimmer. The goal of the swim team is to prepare swimmers to compete in meets. We want to make sure that all swimmers are safe in doing so. We are looking to see if the swimmers have basic water survival skills. The coaches will be conducting the evaluations the first week of practice. The criteria we are looking for:

  1. Your swimmer does not need a flotation device at practice, as in a puddle jumper or water wings, to swim.

  2. You swimmer can jump off the side of the pool and get back to the side independently and safely.

*please know that when we meet with the coaches on May 16, they can give you more information about these requirements.

If the swimmer does not meet the two criteria, the coaches and board will recommend swim lessons this summer.

The Swim Team Board wants to keep all swimmers safe, the number one priority.