Ground-rules for South Glos Aspies

1. The South Glos Aspies meet regularly to provide an opportunity to meet with other people (usually 18 years and older) who identify as autistic (or anyone else that has the desire and ability to enjoy the group interaction).

It meets in public, accessible venues across South Glos.

The group offers a relaxed, and friendly atmosphere where people can enjoy being with others and be themselves. No one is made to do anything that they are not comfortable with.

In order to enable members to feel secure and comfortable within the group, there are a few simple ground-rules.

The ground-rules were created and agreed by the group and group leaders to make sure the group operates happily and successfully.

The group is voluntary and not for profit.

We promote equality and anti-discriminatory practice as defined under the Equality Act 2010. This group is a currently run by Chris Wood, Robert Graham and Jonathon Broadbent

  1. The group exists to provide a safe place for people with Asperger syndrome and high functioning autism (or anyone else that has the desire and ability to enjoy the group interaction).

  2. Anyone who attends the meetings and social events are considered a group member or guest, if they abide by the ground-rules of the group. Group members are non- elected. Members and Guests are informal titles for anyone who attends the group. Guests or PA’s are those people who attend primarily to support someone on the autism spectrum attending an event.

  3. Anyone who attends the group must behave in a considerate way towards other people at the group meeting.

  4. No one should put anyone else down.

  5. It is OK to disagree with anyone else in the group but please do this politely and do not make unkind or personal comments.

  6. Members should inform a facilitator if they need assistance or time out.

  7. Group members are responsible for the cost of any event/activity that they take part in, or agree to take part in if the costs have been prepaid.

  8. No verbal or physical aggression to other group members, guests, public, leaders or anyone else in attendance of the group.

  1. No rude, personal or prejudicial comments (e.g. related to protected characteristics under the Equality Act such as gender, race, sex, gender, disability, religion) to other group members, guests, the public or group leaders.

  2. New people can attend the group and must abide by the ground-rules. If they fail to abide by the ground-rules then the leaders will need to discuss this with the person in question.

  3. Existing members should not bring along new people if they think they will cause trouble or disturb the group. If a member is in doubt about whether to bring a guest please discuss this with a facilitator before they attend.

  4. Members will not become intoxicated, use illegal substances or be under the influence of illegal substances while with the group.

  5. Part of the leader’s role is to remind group members of the above and if necessary, take appropriate action.

  6. Those who fail to follow the ground-rules may be required to leave the group.

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