South Glos Aspies

Welcome to South Glos Aspies! - soon to become a DIVERSE UK (Bristol) Affiliated Group

We are an Autistic led social group of Autistic adults, who like to meet, network and socialise with each other.

We meet weekly in Thornbury, Yate and Stoke Gifford - South Gloucestershire - UK

What is with this "Aspie" thing? Autism or Autistic Spectrum Disorder ("ASD") or Autistic Spectrum Condition ("ASC") as it is now known, is broken down into many subtypes. Aspergers is one of these subtypes (which is incidentally, no longer used in medical terminology, but continues to be used colloquially) and refers to those the spectrum who are verbal. "Aspie" to many, is friendlier sounding word that can be used to describe a person on the spectrum; which is why it was chose for our group name.

Our group is open to anyone on the Autistic Spectrum (formally diagnosed or self diagnosed) and anyone who likes to socialise with those on the spectrum.

We are a friendly, inclusive, group and wish to make everyone welcome.

Please use this page to find out a little about ASD/ASC and our group.

In 2021 South Glos Aspies will be joining Diverse UK who will take South Glos Aspies to the next stage of it's evolution


Please connect to us through our Facebook Group for the quickest response.

You can also email us