Google's Secret Menu

The Secret Sites of Google

Did you know Google has some very secret tools under the hood? Some of these sites are well know, but have been changed. Others are lurking in the background for us to discover! CLICK HERE to see a LIST of Googles Secret Menu.

Secrets of the Chrome Browser


Did You know the chrome browser is an app you can make bend to your will? Click HERE to see all the best extensions to Hack the browser.

Hack Google Search

Did you know you can search by more than words? Yes you can search by:

  • Image (Who is this guy?)
  • Color (Bring up Dolphins only with the color purple)
  • voice (Google, start a five minute timer)
  • By Advance Setting

Or use these Shortcuts (provided by

  • Weather: type “weather [city]” and see the current conditions and future forecasts for the inputted city
  • Sports Scores: when you’re out and you want to check the scores of a game, just type in the team name that you want to check on and you’ll get your scores
  • Unit Conversion: type in what you’re converting and what you want it converted to (for example, 12 kg to lbs.), and Google will do the work for you.
  • Calculator: You can even use the search bar as your own calculator! Just type an equation into the search bar (for example, 14+29*8/4), hit enter, and you’ll have your answer
  • Dictionary: No need to pull up Merriam Webster: type “define [word]” into the search bar and get definitions and synonyms and even a usage sample
  • Public Data: General factoids like “unemployment rate France” are found with one click
  • Showtimes: Want to know where and when you can catch a movie you’ve been waiting to see? Type in “[movie title] [area code] and Google will tell you exactly where and when
  • Package Tracking: Plug in the tracking number of your UPS, Fedex, or USPS package into Google Search and you’ll be taken directly to the most recent updates regarding the status of your package.

Secrets of the Google Apps

Google Keep

Did you know Google Keep is not only an anytime note saving tool, but it is also an integrated part of ALL GSuite apps! You can also:

  • Take a Picture and "extract image text"
  • Set Geo-Reminders
  • Use it for Scavenger Hunts
  • Organize by labels/color
  • Share notes/lists with other users (family shopping list anyone?)
  • Create Voice Memos

Google Photos

You can search Google photos by face, holiday, food, activity and more! Try it!!

Google Docs

Did you know that Google Docs presents you with the bare minimum of options? If you want to make if fit your needs, just look for these Add-ons:

  • Highlighter Tool - categorize all your highlights and share with one click
  • Revision History Analytics - See who really is doing all the work
  • Word Cloud Generator - Self Explanatory

Did you know if you open a PDF with Google Docs it will port over ALL the text? Try it with any NewsELA article!

Did you know you can publish a Google doc to the web to create an interactive school handbook?

Create a Pop-Up at your document start (Thanks @JakeMillerTech)

  • From within your Google Doc, click on Tools > Script Editor.
  1. Click on Untitled Project and rename the project.
  2. Replace the words myFunction with onOpen. (This is what tells it to run automatically)
  3. After the { type DocumentApp. (include the period)
  4. From the menu that pops up select getUi : Ui
  5. After {DocumentApp.getUi() type a period.
  6. From the menu that pops up select alert(String prompt) : Button
  7. In place of the word prompt type your popup message.
  8. Add quotation marks around your message (and inside of the parentheses).
  9. Click the save icon.
  10. Go back to your Doc, refresh and check it out!

Google Slides

There is Soooo much you can do with slides!

  • Student created class Yearbook
  • Student Animations
  • Crop Images right in slides
  • Mask images in slides (change shape)
  • Change the Slide size/shape to fit your project
  • Slide project templates (Thanks Ryan O'Donell). All templates HERE.
  • Interactive Student created study tools with "Force Field"
  • "Publish to web" For an interactive dashboard for staff
  • Publish to web interactive dashboard for students.
  • "Publish to web" and create a master Calendar
  • Use the Photo slideshow Add-on to create a slideshow from your photos with Google Slides. Easily import images from Google Photos albums and Google Drive folders.
  • Use the AudioPlayer for Slides Add-on to add audio to your slides.
  • Add anything from your google keep "tools --> Keep Notepad
  • Music CUE dashboard


YouTube is not just for viewing videos anymore!