Sonos 120 Sound Quality

I have received a lot of questions regarding the Sonos 120 Sound Quality. Personally, I have never been disappointed with the output from the sonos 120. Clarity is exceptional, even at higher volumes. My ‘polished’ music sounds good, and my lo-fi collection also comes though nicely, something that can be hard to achieve on many systems. My top end ‘wired’ stereo system has better sounds, but it was 10x the cost of the sonos system.

Consider this review from “Dave” at Best Buy:

“I purchased a house with several built in speakers but had no multiroom system. After I priced out the multiroom systems and calculated the cost and trouble of wiring for a “traditional” system I decided to go with the Sonos. I absolutely love the sound quality and the ease of use on my ipod. I now have a sonos set up in my kitchen, backyard/garage, living room and children’s playroom. I would recommend this for anyone looking for an expandable multiroom sound system that can stream online content.”

If you are looking for ultra-high-end audiophile quality, I would suggest to stay with a wired system where you can get the most expensive components you like. Compared to other stereo systems in the price range, the Sonos 120 sound quality compares nicely. If you want a $30,000 dollar sound, though, a wireless system is probably not the way to go. Like anything, there are tradeoffs. Within the wireless realm,. though, sonos compares nicely.