Sonos vs Squeezebox

Here at Sonos Review, I get lots of questions on how Sonos compares to other platforms. My area of expertise is with the Sonos family of products, but I love technology and new gadgets. so have tried out a number of similar wireless audio products.

Suqeezebox is made by Logitech, and this was the first wireless audio product I purchased. I am very comfortable with involved technical setups, and this was a good thing as Squeezebox was more involved to get working then the Sonos setup. It required a lot more tweaking and working around small issues that showed up. Comparably, the Sonos setup is a breeze. Out of the box, it just worked. I value my time, so this alone is worth the cost difference in my opinion.

Sound quality on the Squeezebox is good, but I feel that Sonos is a higher end offering. I did a survey of comments across the web, and this seems to be the general consensus. For more info on Sonos products, check out the reviews on this site, and my blog posts. There is a lot of information, and I hope it helps!