Best Reviews about Sonos Speakers 2018

Welcome to my Sonos Review site. Do you have an iPod? iPhone? MP3 player? Music in any digital form? I do. I have tons of it. My iPod is packed, all of my massive cd collection is now on my hard drive. I needed to drive my two hour commute almost 1000 times to listen to everything. And its awesome. I am constantly rediscovering music. When I finally managed to cut out the commuting (another story, for another blog), I only missed one thing. The music.

Which brings us to the Sonos Review site. I have a fantastic stereo setup in my office at home, but it was stuck in the office. I could wear my iPod around the house, but the whole point of being home was to interact with my family. Headphones do not make for a shared musical experience. Ok, I know there are gadgets for this, but you know what I mean. I wanted wireless audio. Multi room audio. Shared music!

And then I found Sonos Play 1. I had run speaker wire all over the house and hooked up to a central stereo. I even hacked together a remote control device that ran over my computer network. This was a lot of fun, but was replaced instantly with my first Sonos system. I have a true multi-room audio system now that I can control with my phone. From anywhere. True wireless audio! This Sonos Review blog covers all of the gear that lets me access my entire digital music, along with my favorite streaming sourc es: Pandora and The most exciting thing about Sonos is the endless amount of possibilities.

At Sonos Review, I will share my thoughts on some specific products. Not everything is reviewed here, just what I can get my hands on either at home or at my favorite supplier. If you are looking for a specific product, check back. I try to keep up with what’s coming out. I have tired other things, but I only write about what I like and what I use.