About Us

The Somers Cooperative Preschool is a special place for young children and their parents. At the Somers Cooperative Preschool, we encourage play and socialization while offering a multitude of learning experiences in a supportive environment. The School's curriculum consists of story time, instructional craft projects, free play, music and creative movement activities, nature and science exploration, field trips that expose children to the world around them and special visitors are regular components of the school curriculum.

The Somers Cooperative Preschool provides an opportunity for parents to learn with and about their children through active participation in the process. Trained teachers and parents work together to plan the school program. The energy and talents of parents are utilized in many important ways, for example, mothers/fathers assist teachers in the classroom on a rotating basis, and serve on various committees to provide program direction. A board of directors comprised of Preschool parents, in cooperation with the membership, operate the school and make all decisions regarding its operation and function.

The Somers Cooperative Preschool has adopted the policy of a peanut butter and nut product ban. Due to food allergies and Health Department recommendations, no snacks containing peanut butter or any nut product will be allowed in the school. Parents of children who have food allergies should provide a safe snack for their child on school days.

The school is located behind the Somers Congregational Church on Main Street.

For further information about registering your child or for more information about the school call (860) 749-8118 or email somerscooperativeinfo@gmail.com.