Solid Math 2022

September 6-9, 2022

SISSA, Trieste (Italy)

A view of Piazza Unità from Molo Audace


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The 2022 edition of Solid Math marks the 5th iteration in the series, and it returns to its original venue in Trieste!

The workshop will renew its mission to bolster and support the interaction between the solid state physics community and mathematical physics. The aim of the conference is to present the latest developments and mathematical challenges coming from the realm of condensed matter physics, involving methods from mathematical quantum theory, operator algebras, geometry, and numerical simulations, in an interdisciplinary and stimulating environment. Participants will have the opportunity to discuss cutting-edge research in the mathematical theory of solid state physics with leading experts in the field.

Topics to be covered in the workshop include, but are not limited to,

  • quantum transport in periodic and aperiodic solids;

  • topological effects in condensed matter;

  • numerical schemes for quantum chemistry and density functional theory;

  • effective equations for interacting states of quantum matter.

For previous editions of Solid Math, see

Solid Math 2014, Solid Math 2016, Solid Math 2018, Solid Math 2021


Click above for the Solid Math 2022 poster!

Invited speakers include:

Alex Bols (University of Copenhagen)

Lea Boßmann (IST Austria)

Massimo Capone (SISSA)

Emanuela Giacomelli (LMU Munich)

David Gontier (Université Paris-Dauphine)

Arne Jensen (Aalborg University)

Alain Joye (Université Grenoble Alpes)

Salma Lahbabi (Université Hassan II, Casablanca)

Michael Lindsey (Courant Institute)

Giovanna Marcelli (SISSA)

Nicola Marzari (EPFL)

Vieri Mastropietro (University of Milano)

Yoshiko Ogata (University of Tokyo)

Sebastiano Peotta (Aalto University)

Emil Prodan (Yeshiva University)

Benjamin Schlein (University of Zurich)

Kevin Stubbs (UCLA)

Stefan Teufel (University of Tübingen)

Amanda Young (TUM Munich)

Martin Zirnbauer (University of Cologne)

Organizing committee

Feel free to contact any of the organizers for further information.