Business Intelligence

We will help you to Enhance your decision making –

Give your BI software users instantaneous access to reliable insights, speed user implementation and expertise, and stay on top of the latest technology – including self-service data visualization, mobility tools, in-memory technology, and more. Our BI consulting services help with just about anything, from strategy, design, implementation, develop and support.

Develop a comprehensive, end-to-end BI strategy for your company

  • BI software implementation in the cloud and minimize costs
  • Enhance your BI solution with amorphous data sources such as social media
  • Deliver the reports traditionally, mobilized, or via the cloud

SOH Infotech’s Business Intelligence Services

Implementation Services

Optimize user acceptance, while speeding integration and control the costs with the implementation services.

    • Save the time with proven methodology and the execution accelerators
    • Control costs with an engineered service that predicts cost
    • Advantage from our proven experience integrating SAP BW, BWA, and SAP BO-Explorer, Design Studio, Lumira Cloud, Tableau, Qlik etc.
    • Speed implementation and reduce risk with best practices for integration
    • Influence faster user acceptance – for a rapid ROI

Planning Assessment Services

Leverage SAP planning assessment services to roll out projects more proficiently and make sure that the right tools are identified for every user need.

  • A team of highly skilled consultants which help and ensure of the project success
  • Plan and develop a long-term project and solution roadmap to prioritize investment spend.
  • Establish infrastructure needs – including the size of the server, tools, hardware, security etc.

Upgrade and Migration Services

Optimize your SAP Net Weaver Business Warehouse application, for planning the smooth SAP HANA implementation by using the most efficient upgrade path.

  • For the BI Migration effort, plan, scope and estimate the comprehensive assessments
  • With the expert SAP Services, accelerate the design for implementation
  • Budgeting expertise and leverage for accurate project planning
  • Reducing the risk of unexpected issues and incomplete planning
  • Confidently deliver a successful go-live for end-users and business sponsors

Roadmap Development Services

Understand the true benefits of your business strategy with a recommended BI roadmap – developed based on your specific requirements.

  • Get a detailed assessment of your BI environment, requirements and challenges
  • Better take hold of how BI can align with business goals and create competitive benefits.
  • Influence a BI roadmap approach with recommendations.
  • Develop a product portfolio – recent and future – for BI and performance analytics
  • Combine BI systems and tools for greatest end-user impact for better decisions

Strategy and Architecture Services

Distinguish your business with a holistic approach that adapts your processes and prepares your teams to take full benefit of data-driven decision making.

  • Provide a strategic business case for BI initiatives
  • Align your vision and growth initiatives with infrastructure requirement
  • Develop best practices and a structure for analyzing transaction data
  • Leverage formal performance metrics, such as a balanced scorecard, to track the success
  • Gain deeper insight into value drivers by tying information to quantifiable results