Fiori & S4 HANA

Now, business users can accomplish their tasks easier and faster

SAP Fiori is an assembly of Web applications that are designed in such a way that they work both on desktop and mobile regardless of the device. SAP Fiori is a SAP developed software which applies totally reimagined user experience hence represents a custom-made, responsive and simple user experience on any device and utilization options. Considering today’s scenarios, end user are using all the electronic appliances possible like smart phones and palmtops, laptops which is making the task easier and easy to access in possible manner.

Running business applications in browsers on mobile devices results challenges in terms of performance, security and reliability which is an issues at user end. SAP Fiori enables improved user satisfaction by providing light weight applications, with better security and reliability. Which enables quicker approvals and better decisions.

By the use of SAP Fiori, users get more consistent performance through the enhanced cache management features. SAP Fiori application is not exaggerated by the browser cache issues and when the application is running for the first time it retrieves the SAP Fiori application assets from the server same as the mobile browser does.

SOH InfoTech Pvt. ltd is involved in the implementation for all the phases of the SAP Fiori and providing end to end solutions and support for all the phases of the development.

SOH Infotech offers following services in Fiori:

      • Installation and implementation of Fiori & S4 HANA
      • Launching the Fiori Apps on HANA
      • Customization of Fiori Apps
      • Security and role management
      • Launching the Fiori Apps on Cloud
      • Integration of SAP River with Fiori
      • Industry specific app development