My son was not enjoying his A level sociology lessons at school and was losing interest in the subject. Luckily we were recommended Vicki by a friend who is engaging and enthusiastic about sociology. My son found her sessions interesting and began to better understand the subject. It was amazing how it appeared that Vicki could deliver a relevant lesson on any subject within the curriculum within a moment's notice. I would have no hesitation recommending Vicki as a sociology tutor.

Steph Maxwell

Vicki is a friendly and effective tutor. She is clearly articulated, even if it is having a session through Skype. She is able to continuously provide teaching/explanation throughout an hour. Her articulation and enthusiasm are consistent throughout 1 hour of continuous teaching/explanation. I admire that!

Ms Tan, undergraduate student, Asia

Vicki is a great teacher – organised but flexible, good at explaining and enlivening content, good at developing exam skills, and very responsive to a student’s particular learning needs. In just a few classes Vicki helped my daughter, preparing for IGCSE Sociology, to begin to think like a sociologist and therefore understand how to apply the text book content into coherent answers / short essays. The final result was an A grade – for which much credit to Vicki’s guidance – but also a serious interest in sociology as a subject that will remain in my daughter’s life.

Ms Milward, parent of iGCSE student, India

Vicki is a genuinely enthusiastic teacher making the subject come alive through not only relating concepts to real life but also to other subjects. Vicki’s teaching style ensures that as a student, you not only know and learn the concepts and theories, but you really internalized them and developed a greater understanding of the subject. This greater depth of knowledge creates an interest and curiosity for the subject that has certainly contributed to my decision to study sociology at degree level.

Megan Geddes, Sociology A level student, Devon

Vicki is an amazing teacher who takes the time to know her pupils and how they learn best. This, coupled with the comprehensive, fun and engaging style of teaching that Vicki uses was a huge factor in enabling me to gain a grade A at a level Sociology; and full marks in a modular exam she taught. Vicki's methods of teaching make learning easier and far more enjoyable than other teachers and subjects. As a result I went on to study Sociology at degree level, largely due to the manner in which Vicki delivered the A Level material and grades she helped me to obtain. Without Vicki's support and guidance, I'm sure I would have found Sociology a lot more troubling and far less interesting!

Chloe Flain, Sociology A level student, Devon

Vicki teaches the subject well as she relates sociology to real situations which is useful. She also has good personality which is better than grumpy teachers who aren't enthusiastic about what they are teaching! Thanks to Vicki I got the right grade to get into university and I genuinely think it is because she is such a great teacher.

Polly Hale, Sociology A level student, Devon

Having Vicki as a tutor was extremely helpful. I was extremely worried about my Sociology A2 exams and Vicki gave me great confidence which aided me to get a B. I have just finished my first year of a sociology degree and my love of sociology was further influenced by the tutoring which Vicki gave me. As someone who finds it quite hard to revise, Vicki's style of teaching was very helpful and enabled me to gain a comprehensive view of the issues studied in sociology. Thankyou so much for all your help!

Hannah, Sociology A level student, Bristol

Your lesson was very useful, everything made sense and I thought you were amazing. The content was so relevant and you really do know your stuff. Thank you so much for your help, I got 90%!!!!!! It's inspired me to carry on, almost there.

Nicki, Psychology degree student, Bournemouth

Vicki tutored me for sociology A level as a mature student and I found her to be a tremendous help- particularly as I studied the subject in a relatively short period of time. Her tuition style was always stimulating and she made more difficult concepts easy to grasp. I would have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone considering social science tuition.

Sekayi, A level Sociology student, London

Vicki is a great tutor. My daughter was struggling with A level sociology, but Vicki's support was invaluable in helping her achieve her high B grade, and secure her place to study geography and sociology at Leeds University. My daughter found Vicki's teaching clear and easy to understand. Vicki boosted her confidence and my daughter loved working with her.

Alex, parent of A level Sociology student, London

I just wanted to say a big thank you for your tutoring in A level Sociology. You can never know what a difference the tutoring made but I am quite sure it did make a big difference and was an important part in him obtaining the A grade he did along with his own hard work. There were 2 things I was looking for when choosing a tutor :-

1. Someone who was a good tutor as well as an exam marker in AQA A level sociology so that they really knew their subject and how it is examined

2. Someone who would be responsive, answer my questions quickly and clearly; and stand the test of time.

Vicki matched both these criteria and was so easy to deal with - I paid the bills and Vicki dealt with the tutoring sessions with my son directly. I would recommend Vicki to anyone looking for a tutor – especially an AQA A Level Sociology tutor.

Jeremy, parent of A level Sociology student, Bedfordshire

Without a doubt Vicki was a huge influence to my A grade in Sociology. She gave me the motivation to succeed and work hard but more importantly she took time to understand my personal learning style. Vicki Piper taught in a unique way that helped me thrive and enjoy the subject. She was an understanding and enthusiastic teacher who taught me numerous skills that I now frequently use in my degree.

Christina Berry, A level Sociology student, Devon

I thought Vicki was an amazing teacher. I genuinely believe that without her I would not have achieved the grade which I needed for university. Her patience along with her ability to explain material made learning fun. I would recommend Vicki as she is very motivated herself which motivates her students to succeed.

Hayley Millar, A level Sociology student, Devon

Vicki is by far the best teacher i have ever had in my whole experience of secondary/A-level education. She is flexible to everyone's teaching styles and makes an effort to even give you extra help beyond normal sessions. Vicki started teaching me in my first year of college and I came out with an A and a B in the two subjects which she taught me. When she left the college she still welcomed me and others to receive tuition from her which just goes to show how she never leaves a student feeling unconfident in their learning and will always put them first to ensure they get the best out of their experience in education. It's a pleasure to be able to say I got taught by her.

Liane, A level Sociology and Health & Social Care student, Devon

Having Vicki as a sociology tutor has improved my understanding of sociology drastically! Lessons with Vicki consist of talking through and debating subjects, testing, creating essay plans and more, all of which have not only widened my knowledge but have also made me more confident for my exams.

Giulie - A level Sociology student, London

Vicki’s teaching is so varied and engaging, learning complex theories is not only made so much easier but actually very satisfying. Her dedication in ensuring complete comprehension is something I greatly miss at University; her teaching has formed the strong foundations and reference points of my sociological research I use today at degree level.

Tom, A level Sociology student, Devon

Vicki was the best teacher I ever had. Her approach was dynamic and very helpful to my education. Without Vicki I would not have achieved such a high grade in my Sociology A Level and would not have got to where I am now. Thank you Vicki.

Phil Coombes, A level Sociology student, Devon

Vicki taught me for my A level Sociology. She was an excellent teacher who was able to make lessons interesting and fun. Vicki has always invested in her students and taken the time to ensure they achieve their full potential. This also does not stop when they leave her classroom...... as I have been able to call upon Vicki for help whilst completing my sociology degree. Thanks for all your help Vicki.

Kim, A level Sociology student, Devon

I hold Vicki personally responsible for my continuing interest and achievements in the field of social science. She was the most enthusiastic, friendly and - most of all - encouraging teacher I have ever had. She consistently helped me and my fellow students to achieve the very best of our potential. Without Vicki I would not have even considered pursuing a degree in Social Policy, and it has been the best decision I have ever made. My essay writing skills and exam preparation, in particular, improved massively with Vicki's exceptional guidance, setting me up perfectly for beginning my university course.

Kirrin Davidson, A level Sociology student, Devon