Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice: Our Values

We believe in a justice system that focuses on prevention, provides rehabilitation, does not criminalize drug use, and focuses on the humanity of each person. We believe in restorative justice. We believe cannabis reform should be reparational to make amends for the harm caused to Black people by punitive cannabis laws.

Criminal Justice: Action Items

Mental Health Support for all those Incarcerated

  • Ensure that all those incarcerated receive regular mental health assessments and have access to care and treatment plans by a mental health professional. Include mental health assessments as part of the requirements for release. Designate a forensic psychology unit at Westgate Correctional Facility. (See further mental health initiatives under Healthcare & Food and Education.)

Broader Access to Mental Health Court

  • Revise the mental health court requirements to allow for individuals who have not been previously diagnosed with a mental health condition to be assessed and potentially diagnosed before sentencing and incarceration.

Legal Aid Reform to Ensure Representation for All

  • Provide mandatory automatic representation for all minors, regardless of the means of the parent or guardian. Increase the legal aid budget and capacity to allow greater access to representation.

Leniency of Low Level Offenses

  • Situational leniency for first time offenders of low level offences ensuring that individuals are not receiving a criminal record for these offences but are instead punishable with a fine, probation or community service hours.

Extend the Voting Franchise for All Imprisoned

  • Allow inmates the opportunity to participate in elections by offering polling within all Department of Corrections facilities.

Introduce ‘Revenge Porn’ Laws

  • Create and amend legislation to protect against modern forms of sexual harassment and abuse, including the introduction of ‘revenge porn’ legislation.

Reform Insufficient Domestic Violence laws

  • Support the campaign by The Advocacy Movement to reform domestic abuse laws to include improved training for police officers and the introduction of a Specialist Domestic Violence Court.

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