Kossi Nouwakpo, Ph.D.

My overall research deals with clarifying linkages between surface processes and landscape biotic and abiotic factors. In recent years, I have become particularly interested in topics related to transport, deposition and storage of sediments and dissolved elements along landscape positions. Together with transport processes, deposition and storage control landscape hydrologic connectivity and are thus crucial to appropriate scaling of hydrologic and erosion processes. Understanding these processes helps develop land management and farming practices that optimize resource use while maintaining long-term environmental sustainability. My research approach has been to: (1) use analytical methodologies and fundamental principles to solve research questions, (2) apply or develop appropriate technologies to quantify surface processes and (3) derive practical applications from knowledge gained in fundamental research. Specific research interests include: understanding the role of vegetation patterns in controlling erosion and deposition processes and "hillslope dissection", impact of land management and changing environmental conditions (fire regimes, plant invasion, etc.) on sediment transport processes and surface water quality, development of risk-based soil erosion assessment methodologies to characterize rangeland sustainability.


Ph.D., Purdue University 2012

M.S., Purdue University 2008

Agricultural Engineer, National Institute of Agronomy, Toulouse France 2005