Snoop Dogg

This Mega Superstar Shows No Signs Of Slowing Down Soon.

Constantly on the move, Snoop is moving his agenda forward at a rapid pace. From what we can see, he means very well and is doing positive things to help the world. Here's a few things that we've spotted him doing recently.

His gospel album is actually wonderful! - USA Today

Raises $45,000,000 with his Venture Capital Firm.

Yes, you've read it correctly. Forty-five million dollars. Raised by Casa Verde Capital. We'll give you one guess toward what it's going toward...

Cannabis! The cash crop of the century.

Now, the media says that they're going to be investing their money toward agricultural advancements. They'll be literally holding hands with the growers, extractors, and distributors, but technically not in that area of business, instead, they are doing things to support them. This is a great passive move, because it may be longer term if the federal government somehow overturns the several states' laws and continues to raid innocent dispensaries. If this happens, none of the weed is Snoop Dogg's, and therefore he won't get in trouble for it.

Bongs, Bongs, and Bongs!

It seems like Snoop Dogg has been talking with Elon Musk enough for his influence to rub off on him.

3 of the 4 bongs named after him contain a 'spacey theme.'