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Karl Greenwood

"Karl Greenwood is a Confidence Coach, Peformance Horse Trainer, Hypnotherapist, Public Speaker and Author. His best selling book, Control Your Stress And Enjoy your Horse has helped riders reframe their anxieties about horse riding and turn fear into excitement, realise their riding goals and get back to enjoying their horses again.

Karl created and runs the hugely successful Rider Confidence Course in Hemel Hempstead, and over the last nine years over 2,000 riders have benefitted from his experiences in the horse industry and hypnotherapy carreer. His equine work started with horse loggers in the Lake District and Scotland, and over the next 25 years diversified from draught horses into Andalusian Performance Horses in Equine Theatre, Live Shows, Filming, Photoshoots, and Sport.

Karl competes in Horseback Archery (yes, a real sport around the world), Tentpagging and has a world class equine performance show - The International Dzhigitovka Show. He works, competes and performs directly with the Russian Cossacks and travels all over the world - Dubai, Mongolia, Khazakstan, Korea, Russia, Jordan - to compete, perform and train - and brings home his experiences to the everyday leisure world in an easy going, humourous and chatty style.

Why not join us and Karl for an entertaining and informative evening that will allow you to see horses as useable, safe, enjoyable and fun. After all, every horse deserves to be ridden to the fullest if it's potential, and every rider deserves to ride like they first dreamt of when they decided to get on a horse.

As Karl says, "There's a whole exhilarating world out there for you and your horse to enjoy - so let's get back to enjoying our horses again"

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Sunday, 13 January 2019 from 11:00-14:00

Blidworth Miners Welfare, Mansfield, Nottinghamshire

SMART Therapy & Training - Contact me if you need more information or find me on Facebook.

Tickets are £30 per person.

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