We think these guys might be Saints. Can you help by providing confirmation?

Robert B. Baxter ’51

Bertrand B. Bishop Jr. ’58 (Deceased)

Gregory E. Davis-Jeffers ’71

Louis A. Fedele ’69

William G. Gibbons ’83

Dr. Donald V. Lusk ’51

Richard C. Mason ’50 (Deceased)

Dr. Todd W. McCune ’75

Harry G. Pollard III ’62

Emmanuel Preko ’90

Dave Schneider c. ’79-’82

David R. Stolper ’69

E. Geoffroy Ward Jr. ’55 (Deceased)

We’ve lost touch with these guys! Can you help us locate them?

Paul E. Anderson ’56

David C. Baker ’58

David (Dana) Barbour ’56

Bradley P. Catton ’01

Chris Durning ’60

Harry Gilmore ’66

Christopher T. Hatch ’65

Michael Irvin ’58

William T. Johns ’55

Walter LeBaron ’56

Robert J. Ludwig ’68

Alberto J. Martin ’61

Jim McGowern ’60

Richard Moffett ’68

Richard C. Perry ’58

Jon Small ’60

Colin T. Sullivan ’01

Dr. William L. Symmes ’81

Bob Uchitel ’68

John F. Whiteside ’58

These lists reflect our records as of April 2015. Please notify our webmaster with any omissions or corrections.