Some of the equipment in the studio

Tricaster 460, Mobile Tricaster on cart, StreamStar X4 System in Mobile Cart with Scoreplus System.

4 LCD monitors to project content including one interactive Promethean board.

Three JVC cameras on rolling tripods and one on a jib. Three JVC cameras for mobile broadcasting. 3 Newtek Spark NDI transmitters.

Teleprompters on two of the cameras with the ability to control the teleprompter from the news desk and send to a monitor.

Five wireless Lavalier microphone systems.

Overhead shotgun microphones.

Automated studio lighting system.

An LED lit cyc. with controllable colors.

News Desk and moveable set pieces.

Lit 3-seat Interview area with IFB.

A roll down 12x10' greenscreen with ready to shoot lighting.

Yamaha DS-9 Sound mixer at a dedicated sound person position complete with monitor.

Mac Pro graphics computer with Blackmagic Studio Monitor software to send graphics onto the monitor screens or to the Tricaster.

Blackmagic playback/recorders.

Remote control cameras in the Arts Education Center for recording and/or live streaming theater events.

New Interview/Podcasting Studio!

We are creating studio for interviews. With this studio, we can greenscreen an expert into wherever we want them to be and then bring them into our broadcasts. This studio will also be used for student created podcasts and Youtube videos.