About Us

The San Leandro Academy for Multimedia

The SLHS Broadcasting Studio is located in and run by the San Leandro Academy for Multimedia, also known as SLAM. SLAM is a small school within the larger high school specializing in media production. You can learn more about SLAM by visiting www.slamonline.net.

Ron Satter - Studio Manager/Engineer

Ron is a veteran broadcasting engineer with decades of broadcasting experience. He is a freelance engineer with both traditional broadcasting and new media broadcasting.

Corporate clients include Oracle, Apple, Cisco, Pacific Bell, Chevron, Hewlett Packard, PG&E.

Production companies include Media One Services, Interweave Production Group.

Network clients include ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, FOX, ESPN, MSNBC, Bloomberg, Aljazeera Media.

Local TV station employers include KFTY, KGO, KPIX, KRON, KQED.

John Sheridan

John is a Broadcast Media Professional with extensive broadcasting experience working for NBC Sports, A's Broadcasting, and the Olympics. He is also the SLHS Theater teacher and SLAM Video Production Teacher.

Tony Farley

Tony Farley is a founding member of the San Leandro Academy for Multimedia. He teaches multimedia in the SLAM program. Tony designed the studio space as well as the surrounding multimedia classrooms. Tony is a nature videographer who is the creator of the Webby award winning Beautiful Places in HD and has authored many media rich interactive textbooks.

Mathew Badie

Mathew is a student studio technician who helps to maintain the equipment and helped to upgrade the studio.

Michelle Tolentino

Mickey is our student stage and mobile broadcast director. She also is our go-to talent for many of our productions.

Gabe Riley

Gabe is a student studio technician who helps maintain the equipment and helped to upgrade the studio.