Greetings from the crossroads, my favorite place to be. I've been busy streamlining my life and taking back control of my storyline. It's my goal in the very near future to produce/peddle my own books. For now, I'm trying to unload the copies I have here in attic boxes from my publishers past. 

This time I'm playing it my way -- launching a newsletter/archive as a room of my own to play in however I wish. The  Home|body theme embraces my introverted tendencies and covers what I seem to have the most to say about these days -- such as: I'm getting older and the world is dying, so what are we going to do about it. Luckily I find this these crises invigorating. 

So, this is me in my hammock on my last birthday of my 40s with a book and sunshine that made me smile. I'm an endlessly creative person with a ton of pastimes and day job but between here at SH, inK. and there at Home|body, I get to reconnect with my inner writer.  May she write much more in the future that you may want to read!


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Professional & Project Portfolio 

Writings from Patch.com & The Hudson Independent and more

Novels and some stories that still exist online; stay tuned for a collection and new fiction in print!

Recording local stories in Tarrytown & Sleepy Hollow, 2015-2017

A lit fest like no other for Tarrytown & Sleepy Hollow, 2019

An ongoing mini-film fest obsessed with Sleepy Hollow

Make your mark at Stain, owned & operated from 2004-2009

Collaborative couples make art + words in adapation of the Exquisite Corpse Game, 2006-2008