Tuesday, June 11th at 6 p.m.

We will be honoring Rodney Mummey, whose name will be placed on the Louise Hallman Memorial Plaque,  and local businesses and organizations, who will be recognized as our Business and Organization partners.  The public is welcome to attend.  If possible, please let us know if you are planning on attending.  The businesses and organizations that will be honored include:  

·         Slatington Open Golf Tournament Women’s Club of Slatington

·         Second Chance Shoppe Pampered Chef, Heidi Kistler – Consultant

·         Dr. Linda K. Blose Law Offices of Steckel and Stopp

·         Drs. Cressman and Yablonski Family Practice Rotary Club of Slatington

Our library is now resource-sharing with Allentown, Bethlehem, Easton, Bangor, and Monroe County.  That's good news for us!  Resource-sharing opens up the world of library collections to library patrons, enabling them to request whatever they want or need. It saves libraries money by reducing the need to purchase materials; libraries share them with each other instead.  And our members still have access to all the libraries in our consortium without ever leaving Slatington! 


Readers of all ages are invited to participate.  For every 10 books you read, you receive a raffle ticket for one of $25 cash prizes.  February 18 - May 31.  Submit your list to our librarians to receive your raffle ticket.  


We are grateful recipients of $20,000, awarded by the Harry C. Trexler Trust.  This grant will enable us to replace almost all of the computers used by our patrons.  Our current computers can no longer be upgraded and this replacement is really necessary.  The total cost of the replacement is $25,000; so this grant is quite helpful!

Thanks to the Hommer Grant for awarding us $7,500 to repair water damage in the back of our building. The total cost of this repair is $12,000; so this grant money provides us with a great down payment!

Many thanks to the Rotary Club of Slatington for a grant of $2500.  We used this grant to upgrade the door access to our second floor from Main Street and will be purchasing a much-needed staff computer.

We are grateful to Mickley Fravel for their 2024 grant of $6000.00 which is being used to renew our SPARK (online catalog) subscription.

Thank you to BEFESA (formerly Horsehead) which has granted us $5680 to assist in the purchase of staff computers.

We are also grateful to the following grants, foundations, and donors for contributing to our elevator project:

Hommer Grant, Trexler Foundation Grants 2020 and 2022, GoFundMe 2020, Horsehead 2020 and 2022. and 2023 Century Club Donations.  Additionally, we have received funds from other local organizations, most notably The Second Chance Shoppe of Slatington.  We have also received a generous contribution from Rentschler Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram.  The generosity of all our donors is very much appreciated.

The Harry C. Trexler Trust 2023 ($25,000) was used to repaint our ceiling and restore the skylight.  The family of John Kisthardt, a long-standing member of our board who passed away in November of 2021, also contributed $5000 to this project in his memory.  The restoration of the skylight was a dream of his.  A Middle School student, Phoenix Jacob, established a GOFUNDME page which contributed $903.22 to the skylight project.  The total cost of the skylight project was $28,500.  You are still able to contribute to this project as we were $4,403 short of our funding goal.

Here are some video chats and walks 

shared by the Slatington History Preservation Society.

A Cemetery Walk featuring presentations on notable individuals and families responsible for the development and growth of the village of Slatedale, Lehigh County, Pennsylvania. 

(Click on the underlined title)

(Click on the underlined title)

This presentation features prominent buildings, businesses, and people that contributed to Slatington's development and expansion during the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

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The Slatington History Preservation Committee visits the Heidelburg Union Church in Germansville, Pennsylvania to present the history of the church and its cemetery and highlight families and individuals, originally from Germany and Switzerland who were the original settlers in Northern Lehigh County, and who were influential in the founding of the church and the Northern Lehigh County area.   The church is the oldest in the area and was the focal point for farmers and their families during colonial times. Many of these founding families and their descendants later settled in Slatington and Washington Township and were influential in the development of those areas as well. 

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Slatington Public Library is looking for FRIENDS.  

Please call the library if you are able to volunteer a few hours to help with shelving books, barcoding books, creating window displays, baking for special library events, or assisting us with specific tasks.  You do only what you have time to do!  Won't you share your time and talent with us?  


Looking for pictures and a recap of some of our programs?