Nigerian Dwarf Goats

Raising ADGA and AGS dual registered Nigerian Dwarf goats.

Exciting news for 2019...SC Goats is participating in DHIR milk test with ADGA. We are ADGA Plus members and will be also be participating in Linear Appraisal and DNA testing.

Our family started out with two rambunctious unregistered Nigerian cross wethers. We fell in love with Fynn and Poe. Our daughter Baylee made the decision that she would like to start showing registered goats and off to the 2016 Kansas State Fair we went just to look. Needless to say Baylee found a sweet but headstrong goat just like her (B B Goats Scathatch) while at the fair, and it's history from there. We currently have a small herd and are focusing on maintaining superior genetics and milk production.

We love our Nigerian Dwarf goats. They are a great size for kids and are easily managed. They are wonderful milk producers, typically have multiple kids, and can be quite colorful. Plus they have great personalities.

We test yearly for CAE, CL, and Johne's. All of our herd including non-registered goats were Negative in May 2017 and August 2018.

We handle our goats daily. They get lots of socialization with the kids (human that is)!

We are registered under the heardname of "SC Goats" with both the ADGA and AGS.

We owe credit to B B Goats. They were great to talk with and took the time to answer our questions while at the State Fair back in 2016.

The past two years have flown. We continue to add to our herd. In 2017 we added a couple of girls from Colorado. Baumgartner Acres Hope made the journey first followed by Tink (Wonderstone Mama's Dolled Up). A big thanks to Laura at Wonderstone Nigerians and Laura at Baumgartner Acres for giving us the opportunity give these girls a new home.

In 2018 we have started to show our ladies and gentlemen. In going to these shows we have been able to meet other breeders. Pat and John Christopher with Pat's Black Oak Farm have been very helpful. Pat and John graciously donated a buck for auction at one of the shows, and we were blessed to have Maxwell (Pat's Black Oak Farm Maxwell) come home with us!

We also added our little chocolate princess, M2 Ranch Desert Belle. Thanks to Rakkasan Ranch to entrusting us with Belle. She is beautiful and we can't wait to see how she does in the show ring. She already has a milk star!

The girls have been on their dates and we are looking forward to March/April 2019!!

Breedings include:

  • BB Goats Scathatch x Wonderstone DB Bullseye
  • Wonderstone Mama's Dolled Up x SC Goats Snickers Gold
  • Baumgartner Acres Hope x SC Goats MOT Apollo
  • Wonderstone DB S'more Lovin' x Pat's Black Oak Farm Maxwell
  • M2 Ranch Desert Belle x Pat's Black Oak Farm Maxwell

Let us know if you are interested in any of the parings above. Their is no charge for reservations, but we do have the right to retain any goat.

We have lots of transport options typically available and are able to make accommodations for shipment by air at purchasers expense out of ICT (Wichita, KS) airport.