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2020 & 2021 Kansas State Fair

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Exciting news for 2020...SC Goats is participating in our second year of DHIR milk test with ADGA/AGS. We are proud ADGA Plus members & will be also be participating in Linear Appraisal and DNA testing. We will continue to participate in AGDA and AGS Sanctioned Shows.

More Exciting News: We are so happy to announce that Hidden Hills has entrusted us with Wood Bridge Farm Valedictorian *B!!

His pedigree speaks for itself. Valedictorian's Sire is GCH Wood Bridge Farm Understated ++B who is the product of two killer pedigrees. First, GCH Wood Bridge Farm Apache Wind who appraised an impressive EVE 90 at nearly 7 years old. Understated has already produced two Champion daughters and one Champion son, CH Wood Bridge Farm Undeniable. His Champion daughter CH Wood Bridge Farm Teachers Pet was the 2014 ADGA National Reserve Junior Champion. Apache Wind is also the ANDDA All American Two-Year-Old for 2012.

Understated's Dam, CH Wood Bridge Farm Belladonna is the only Two-time winning ADGA National Nigerian Champion in 2014 and 2016 and Best Udder both years !! She has won five Grand Champion wins and five Best of Breed wins!!

His pedigree is full of accolades!! Val's Sire Understated is Sire to the highest selling Colorama kid in ADGA history, Wood Bridge Farm Spelling Bee, who sold for $16,100 in 2016! Spelling Bee is Val's full litter-mate sister!! Spelling Bee was 2nd place Junior kid the 2016 Nationals, 11th place yearling milker at the 2017 Nationals, 1st place two-year-old and Best Udder at the 2018 National Show, not to mention 5th place three year-old at the 2019 Nationals!!

Val's Dam, Wood Bridge Farm Teachers Pet is a finished Champion and the ADGA 2014 Reserve Junior Champion. CH Wood Bridge Farm Teacher's Pet has produced three permanent Champion offspring!

Val comes in a compact package at just 20 inches tall!! He is extremely correct with exceptional daily strength, with a wonderful balance of strength and refinement, flatness of bone, open ribbing and dairy skin with balance of width and depth! He has good feet and legs with strong pasterns.

We are extremely excited to add these genetics to Slate Creek Farms and look forward to using him in our 2020 breeding line up!!

Our family started out with two rambunctious unregistered Nigerian cross wethers. We fell in love with Fynn and Poe. Our daughter Baylee made the decision that she would like to start showing registered goats and off to the 2016 Kansas State Fair we went just to look. Needless to say Baylee found a sweet but headstrong goat just like her (B B Goats Scathatch) while at the fair, and it's history from there. We currently have a small herd and are focusing on maintaining superior genetics and milk production.

We love our Nigerian Dwarf goats. They are a great size for kids and are easily managed. They are wonderful milk producers, typically have multiple kids, and can be quite colorful. Plus they have great personalities.

We test yearly for CAE, CL, and Johne's. All of our herd including non-registered goats were Negative in May 2017, August 2018, Fall 2019.

We handle our goats daily. They get lots of socialization with the kids (human that is)!

We are registered under the heardname of "SC Goats" with both the ADGA and AGS.

We owe credit to B B Goats. They were great to talk with and took the time to answer our questions while at the State Fair back in 2016.

The past few years have flown. We continue to add to our herd. In 2017 we added Tink (Wonderstone Mama's Dolled Up). A big thanks to Laura at Wonderstone Nigerians for giving us the opportunity give this sweetheart a new home.

In 2018 we have started to show our ladies and gentlemen. In going to these shows we have been able to meet other breeders. Pat and John Christopher with Pat's Black Oak Farm have been very helpful. Pat and John graciously donated a buck for auction at one of the shows, and we were blessed to have Maxwell (Pat's Black Oak Farm Maxwell) come home with us! We also added our little chocolate princess, M2 Ranch Desert Belle. Thanks to Rakkasan Ranch to entrusting us with Belle. She is beautiful and she already has a milk star!

2019 was a busy year. We attended 4 ADGA/AGS doe shows and 2 sanctioned buck shows! ALL of our milkers obtained their stars!! We met some amazing people and were blessed to take home several pretty ribbons along the way! We can't wait to see what 2020 holds!

Well...2020 has been an interesting year. Covid-19 has definitely thrown some challenges to all of us. Unfortunately, Linear Appraisal sessions were cancelled, but we plan to move forward with this in the future. We were blessed to be able to show at the American Goat Society National Show and Heartland Nigerian Dwarf All Breeds show this past Spring. Pat's Black Oak Farm Maxwell won his dry leg! We were very pleased how our herd placed and had a great time meeting other breeders from across the Nation! We had the opportunity to add Wee3Farms MT Kissimmee. She is a beautiful yearling and comes from Champion lines!

Baylee was named one of the Youth Ambassadors for the American Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Association!

In Fall 2020 we will also be bringing in a pretty stellar man! Stay tuned for more info!

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