Sarah JH Fletcher

How can I help you?

A specialist proofreader, I use my highly trained editorial eye and obsessive attention to detail to ensure your work is as close to perfect as possible. Ideally, I parachute in after editing and typesetting/layout to act as a fresh set of eyes – I put myself in the shoes of your readers.

A regular client describes my work as 'a sublime example of the proofreader's art'. I prefer to work on fiction – all genres and audiences – but I can turn my hand to any type of text in any format.

I do occasional structural edits and copyedits with existing clients to keep my full range of skills sharp.

I also run industry-leading training on digital publishing and editing topics.

Who am I?

I’m a freelance editorial consultant with a life-long passion for words and over a decade of experience with trade publishing houses. I'm a member of the Institute of Professional Editors (IPEd) and the Freelance Editors Network (FEN).

Recent clients include …

Allen & Unwin; Hachette Australia; HarperCollinsPublishers Australia; Pan Macmillan Australia; Penguin Random House Australia; Text Publishing.

I've presented for most of the Australian societies of editors, as well as the University of Technology, Sydney; the University of Sydney; the Publishers Associations of Australia and New Zealand; and the NSW Writers' Centre.

Contact me

**I am on parental leave from August 2020**

When I return from leave: if you're a trade publisher with a freelance project in mind, or if you're an organisation looking for a consultant or presenter, please email me: sjhfletcher [at]

I typically only take on independently published authors via referral from colleagues. Please see the Freelance Editors Network for details of other editorial professionals who may be able to assist.


In September 2019, I returned to the Professional Editing course at UTS to deliver their proofreading guest lecture.

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