Our 7 Core Values

Evangelize: To reach seekers through international evangelistic excursions into the community, through small groups, SS, and mission trips (local community, state, national and international mission trips).

Connect: To build personal relationships through small groups and SS assimilation, new member classes, fellowship meals and activities and visitation programs to help people grow in their ability to love and connect with one another.

Worship: To intentionally praise God through worship that glorifies God and engages the heart, mind and emotions through inspirational music and preaching that is relevant for modern believers.

Equip: To build believers through teaching life-long spiritual skills, spiritual gift assessments, doctrinal studies, theology, and spiritual disciplines (Bible study, prayer and fasting, stewardship, evangelism).

Pray: To wage spiritual warfare through intentional prayer events and groups interceding for healing, revival, salvation, unity, and protection fro the evil one.

Serve: To meet needs through in-focused and out-focused ministry projects, events, committees, and teams.

Impact: To influence culture through engaging our community, state, nation and world, sending forth ministries and Kingdom messengers to reproduce our faith.