the people of size twitter, macrophiles, microphiles, furry and giants, big and small, enticed and fascinating by the idea of size difference and the possibilities they depict... We believe that exploring our size fantasy in a safe and fullfilling manner becomes possible while respecting these guidelines in every online interactions. We are :


We once were someone new. We once wished someone would just say hello and make us feel welcome.

We try and do this for the people finding us, curious about their fantasy and ours.


Respect can be interpreted in so many ways. We decide that respect is considering that this person we chat with is another person, like us.

This person has feelings, doubts, questions and hopes, like us.

We will ask before initiating any roleplay or sexual game with them.

We will not enforce our kinks upon them.

We will tell them when they make us uncomfortable instead of ignoring them.


We don't shame, we don't judge :

Everyone has their kinks and we may even share those kinks someday

We are #SizeTwitter

Any questions? Any point you might want to add? Any corrections?DM @giantesstina @mightytinygiant