I heard Robert Miles “Children” on a forbidden radio station and was forever in search of that dreamy sound. Years later I discovered trance and with it the doorway to entirely new musical dimensions.

I grew up in small town Missouri. Raves only happened a couple times per year and you had to drive far out of town to go. I danced with glowsticks for 2 days and fell in love. I had finally found music that touched my soul.

I had many magical experiences working on the Diving for Light story album - raining for 2 weeks straight after writing about rain on her walk home, magic from flying creatures of all kinds - thousands of bats flying around me at festival in geometric patterns, finding feathers everyday, having a powerful vision of every flying creature that ever flew powering up her wings, it brought me to tears in it’s beauty. And, even getting guidance from fruit flies in my kitchen. I feel I’m getting properly schooled on the ‘Divine Feminine’ and what that is. I’m being guided to trust deeper, and not force and push things the way I normally have been going. Not everything can be solved by working harder and faster. Making this has been a transformational process in my own life.

I was given something wonderful

Zan and I laughed so much making this song that my sides hurt for 3 weeks. Afrojack ended playing it at summer EDC in 2012. Imagining a giant edm dancefloor hearing these old man sounds makes me die 😂

The Future Fam EP features 3 songs that tell the story of life and evolution - when it first exploded onto the earth (the mysterious CAMBRIAN explosion) to where we are now as PARTICLE BEINGS and far ahead evolving into our FUTURE FAM

Storm was a movement of good vibes, good music, and most importantly good people!