Come with me on a cosmic journey

Diving for Light is an animated feature-length film and 9-song magical bass album that tells a cosmic coming of age story about screen distraction, radical self expression, and revealing cheat codes for unlocking next level creativity. This story album was created by Sinjun, an Earth-based artist and aspiring xenomusicologist.

Expressive, colorful artwork was created in collaboration with Mario Teodosia, a talented Italian digital painter.

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A few years ago I felt a new huge wave of inspiration coming into my world. I could feel deep down my compass had shifted. A few months later I went to a meditation retreat and it was a huge life upgrade. It helped me reach a new level of my focus and potential that always felt out of reach. Soon after I made everything in my life a blank canvas - all the art came down from my walls and I even dyed all my clothes a natural sand color. I spent the next couple years doing deep resistance diving, asking myself tough questions and really stretching past my limits. ⁣

I’ve been listening, learning, sensing, exploring and growing and I feel it all reflects in this massive project. ⁣

There were many times I felt like giving up but I promised myself that I would see this one through and after it all now it finally feels ripe and ready. ⁣

A Story Album’ is the best way I can describe this… ⁣ ⁣

It’s a full length animated movie and with a 9 song album in an all new style that I’ve never done before - I’m calling it ‘magical bass’. There is a dance song for each chapter and then I used the dance song sounds to make the film’s score.⁣⁣

Can’t wait to take you on this cosmic journey! ⁣🚀