Lab News

2024. Dr. Abhishek Ojha joins lab as post-doc. 

2023. Yeojin Kim joins lab as Ph.D. student.

2023. Bhavay Aggarwal joins lab as MS student.

2022. Sinha joins Georgia Tech as Wallace H. Coulter Distinguished Chair in Biomedical Engineering, with appointments in BME and ISyE.

2021. Xiaoman Xie graduates with a Ph.D. Joins Genentech as post-doc. Congratulations Xiaoman!

2021. Shayan Tabe Bordbar graduates with a Ph.D. Joins a biomed startup. Congratulations Shayan!

2020. Sinha is one of two Computer Science leads and a Thrust Lead on a $20M AI Institute funded by the NSF: MMLI 

2020. News coverage of PNAS perspective on gene regulatory networks in behavior, led by Sinha & Robinson: 

2020. Sinha receives a named professorship: Founder Professor in Computer Science.

2020. Two new graduate students join the lab: Anurendra Kumar & Zijun Wu. Welcome Anu and Zijun!

2019. News coverage of Nature Comm paper in collaboration with Huimin Zhao's lab. Science Daily, Chemistry World.

2019. Sinha awarded MIRA (R35) grant by NIH.

2018. Sinha elected to the ISCB Board of Directors.

2018. News coverage of Casey's 'pGENMi' paper in Genome Research: Drug Target Review EurekAlert

2018. KnowEnG post-doc Amin Emad will be joining McGill University as tenure track faculty member. Congratulations Amin !

2018. Pei-chen defends her Ph.D. thesis. Congratulations Pei-chen !

2018. Shayan Tabe Bordbar, Shounak Bhogale and Jinfeng Xiao join the lab. Welcome Jinfeng, Shayan and Shounak !

2018. Saba Ghaffari receives the CompGen fellowship. Congratulations Saba !

2018. KnowEnG analytics platform goes online. Try it out!

2018. Sinha receives University Scholar award.

2017. Amin's ProGENI paper is recommended on F1000 Prime. Congratulations Amin!

2017. Saba Ghaffari joins the lab. Welcome Saba !

2017. Majid Kazemian (former Ph.D. student in the lab) joins Purdue University as tenure track faculty member. His lab web page:

2016. Jin Tae Kwak (former Ph.D. student in the lab) joins Sejong University (Korea) as tenure track faculty member. His lab web page:

2015. Xin He (former Ph.D. student in the lab) joins U Chicago as tenure track faculty member. His lab web page:

July 2015. News coverage of the 'genomical' paper in PLoS Biology: Forbes magazine, Nature, Science News, GenomeWeb magazine, Washington Post

May 2015. News coverage of the 'social evolution' paper in Science: News Bureau article, Science World Report, Genome Web,

Apr 2015. Sinha receives 'Engineering Council Outstanding Advisor' award. Thanks to the student(s) who secretly nominated him ! 

Mar 2015. Charles' NAR paper selected as 'Breakthrough article'. News coverage here.

Mar 2015. Sinha receives NIH R01 for "Quantitative Modeling of Sequence-to-Expression Relationship" (2015-19).

Mar 2015. Sinha chosen as Willett Faculty Scholar. 

Jan 2015. Charles graduates with a Ph.D. Congratulations Charles !

Dec 2014. Hassan graduates with a Ph.D.  Congratulations Hassan ! 

Dec 2014. Singing genome paper comes out in Science. The paper is from the lab of Erich Jarvis at Duke. Charles and Saurabh are co-authors. A video that Illumina created on this work: youtube.

Nov 2014. News coverage of our work on behavioral toolkit: News Bureau EurekAlert ScienceDaily

Oct 2014. We are awarded the NIH BD2K Center for Excellence for "KnowEng, a Scalable Knowledge Engine for Large-Scale Genomic Data". Sinha is PI of Research for this Center. News coverage: IGB GenomeWeb (paid) BCR

Aug 2014. Wei Yang joins lab as MS student.

July 2014. Thyago Duque graduates from the lab with a Ph.D. Congratulations Thyago !

May 2014. Lab alum Dr. Xin He to join the Faculty at the Dept. of Human Genetics, University of Chicago. Congratulations Xin !

Nov 2013. Qiong's paper voted one of Top 10 papers of 2012-13 in Regulatory Genomics. Featured in IGB news.

Aug 2013. Pei-Chen Peng joins lab as graduate student.

Aug 2013. Laura Sloofman joins lab, as a graduate student under the Simons Foundation project.

Aug 2013. GNDP theme at IGB receives a $3M grant (PI: Lisa Stubbs) from the Simons Foundation to study evolutionary origins of animal social behavior. See news coverage.

July 2013. NSF Funds a $3M MRI grant to UI (PI: Steve Lumetta) to build a computing system for genomics (CompGen).  Sinha is co-PI. See news coverage at CHA.

June 2013. Sinha conducts a week-long course on Computational Genomics for participants from Mayo Clinic. Casey Hanson is TA.

April 2013. Sinha awarded the Dean's Award for Research Excellence (formerly the Xerox award) for Associate Professors. 

Dec 2012. Lab member Majid Kazemian graduates with a Ph.D. Congratulations Majid! (Majid heads to NIH for a post-doc.)

Nov 2012. Our work with the Bell lab on stickleback fish behavior in the news.

Nov 2012. Lab member Jin Tae Kwak graduates with a Ph.D. Congratulations Jin-Tae! (JT is heading to NIH for a post-doc.)

Aug 2012. Lab member Charles Blatti awarded the Cohen fellowship for Computer Science graduate students. Congratulations Charles !

Jan. 2012. Lab alum Dr. Jaebum Kim to join the Faculty at the Dept. of Animal Biotechnology, Konkuk University, Korea. Congratulations Jaebum

Dec. 2011. Grant awarded by the USDA to Halfon (U. Buffalo) and Sinha, for predicting regulatory modules in arthropod genomes of agricultural importance. 

Aug. 2011. $2M grant by NSF to study morphogen gradients in Drosophila (EFRI-MIKS: Multiscale Analysis of Morphogen Gradients). Project involves a collaboration among Princeton, NYU, and Georgia Tech scientists and the Sinha lab. 

Aug. 2011. Lab alum Xin He is now a Lane Fellow at Carnegie Mellon University. Congratulations Xin !

Aug. 2011. Lab welcomes two new members: Qiong Cheng (postdoc) and Yinan Zhang (Grad Student). 

Sep. 2010. Nature Review Genetics publishes a commentary on our paper. 

June 2010. Jaebum Kim successfully defends his Ph.D. thesis. Congratulations Jaebum ! 

April 2010. News coverage of our recent paper in Nature. This paper was authored by Zebra finch Genome Sequencing Consortium, which we were members of. Also see articles at BBC, CBS, NPR

Jan. 2010. News coverage of our recent paper in Science. Also at Genome Web, Discovery Magazine, San Francisco Chronicle, ABC Online, Science Daily

Nov. 2009. News coverage of our recent paper in Dev. Cell. This news bureau article was also covered by Science Daily, Red Orbit, R&D Magazine, Phys Org, Genetic Eng. & Biotech news, E-science news, Science Centric, Health Jockey

Nov. 2009. Xu Ling successfully defends her Ph.D. thesis. Congratulations Xu ! 

Oct. 2009. Xin He successfully defends his thesis, becoming the first member of the lab to graduate with a Ph.D. 

Aug. 2009. Genome Web daily scan selects PNAS paper (in collaboration with Gene Robinson) in "Editor's Picks of What's Worth Reading on the Web". See here. Also see full story here

July 2009. NCSA feature article on lab research, with full-length presentation by PI. See here 

March 2009. Genome Web daily scan selects EMMA paper in "Editor's Picks of What's Worth Reading on the Web". See here 

November 2008. Fellowship awarded to the PI by the Center for Advanced Studies, UIUC. 

October 2008. Graduate students Xin He and Xu Ling present their work at the RECOMB Regulatory Genomics Conference, Boston. 

September 2008. NIH R01 Research Grant to support our collaboration with Profs. Brodsky andd Wolfe (U. Mass Med School). This grant will fund our joint research on systematic characterization of transcription factor binding specificities. 

June 2008. NIH R01 Research Grant to our lab, in collaboration with Prof. Marc Halfon's lab at SUNY Buffalo! This grant will fund our research on "high sensitivity discovery of cis-regulatory modules". 

May 2008. NSF CAREER Award, for our research on Probabilistic frameworks for studying gene regulatory sequences and their evolution 

May 2008. CSE Fellowship awarded to graduate student Jin Tae Kwak. This fellowship, funded by the Computational Science and Engineering (CSE) program, will undertake preliminary research on "Computational methods for cancer diagnosis from FTIR spectroscopy data" in collaboration with Prof. Rohit Bhargava's lab (BioEngineering). 

December 2007. Aging Reversal Project with Prof. Howard Chang's lab at Stanford. Our motif map method was instrumental in identifying NF-kb as a key player in the aging process.

This paper was the cover article in Genes & Development, Dec 2007.

Follow these links for Prof. Chang's interviews to the popular media.

August 2007. NCSA Faculty Fellowship to the PI will fund one year's work on exploring grid computation for understanding social behavior in honeybees. 

April 2007. Roche Sequencing Competition: A five member team, including Sinha, was awarded the 3rd prize in this nation-wide competition. The award comprised 300 MB of sequencing data . 

July 2006. Honey Bee Project with Prof. Gene Robinson's lab. Our lab's work on the honey bee genome, published in PNAS as a companion paper to the main genome paper in Nature, has been kindly received by the news media. Here are some venues where this work was covered.

March 2006. The First UIUC Bioinformatics Summit. Talks archived here. PI's profile on UIUC Engineering News PI's profile on Daily Illini article