CCT Camp 2019

Basic Information

Place: Batam Island, Indonesia

Date: March14th to 22nd, 2019

Participants: Japan 9, Thai 2, Indonesia 11, and Vietnam 10


Day 1: Arrive and check in

Day 2: Cross-Culture training, Talent Show

Day 3: Cross-Culture training

Day 4: Free time at Turi Beach, team building

Day 5: activities at Abang Island 

Day 6: visit and activities at Bintan Island

Day 7: activities

Day 8: Free time and farewell party

Day 9: go back home 

The importance of the Cross Culture Training 

On the second and third day, we play many games because of three reasons. First, we were able to get to know each other deeply. It is very hard to know everyone's background but through many activities, we shared experiences and perspectives and those made participates trust and reassurance. Secondly, we were able to know everyone's different culture and language.  It was great opportunity to know new things without any judgement. Finally, we leaned the importance and difficulties of communicating with other. This is because everyone is from different countries and has own culture. It sometimes hard to understand but through the program, we were able to understand and accept differences. 

Verbal/Non-verbal activities   

There were two types of activities: verbal and non-verbal. Participants could talk to each other when they play verbal games but they could not use any language in non-verbal one.


After CCT games, we spend time at the beach and played a lot of active games such as Tug of war, balloon games, and pint ball. 


JAPAN (right)

"I participated in this camp without any special reason but my life and perspectives have changed. Throughout the program, I learned the connection between language. I was not able to speak English fluently but everyone tried to listen to me and that made me comfortable. Also,  I could make a fantastic friendship and understand their culture by using English."


(2nd to the right)

"At first, I was very scared because I was not adapted to the new environment where many people from different countries. However, all of the memories in CCT is special things for me. I will never forget all of the moment in  Batam. I learn the importance of respecting the differences among us."


"Having been in Batam, Indonesia for 9 days provided various experiences to me. I thought language is not the obstacle at all even we speak different language. I was so excited every time listening to new things from them. I felt it was just the beginning for me to get along with them. I would like to know them more because I really like them to be honest. "


"For me I am not lucky because of being in new countries rather experiencing many things and making new friends throughout the journey. CCT has taught me a lot I cannot describe my feeling in just a word "love". CCT is a big family where the members always keep in touch and help each other. I cannot wait to see them in Vietnam soon."