JV 2019

Basic Information

Place: Tokyo, Japan

Date: July 31st to August 8th, 2019

Participants: Japan 9, Thai 1, Indonesia 4, and Vietnam 4

Goal: Visitors and hosts develop their friendship and convey and experience Japanese culture through this program


Day 1: Arrive 

Day 2: Cross-culture training, stroll in Asakusa 

Day 3: Visit Coca Cola factory, and Tachikawa-Showa-kinen park

Day 4: Camp at Okutama

Day 5: Camp at Okutama

Day 6: Stroll in Kamakura

Day 7: Farewell party

Day 8: Free time (Stroll in Akihabara/ Stroll in Yokohama)

Day 9: Go back home 



In Kamakura, participants had an opportunity to wear yukata, the casual style of Kimono. It is different from Kimono because it is more thin and lighter than Kimono. Everyone looked very nice!!


Karuta is the traditional Japanese card game. Hosts made karuta by themselves in order to make it more fun. At first, they thought it is hard to find cards but it got more and more competitive as they use to it.  


Ice Cream (sakura)

After mini hiking in Okutama, everyone enjoyed eating ice cream. It was delicious than usual because it was about 30℃. The picture shows ice creams which tasted sweet but slightly salty. 


One of the popular food in Japan would be Noodles such as Udon, Soba, and Ramen. Participants could not choose either Udon or Soba because they liked both. 

From Japan Team:

What did we learn from this program? Well, it would be different from each person but we are sure that our friendship got tighter. Although we live in the same Asian countries, we have different cultures, religions, and languages and we live together by respecting with each other. If someone laughs, others will laugh, if someone cries, others will be there for them. We are sure that our friendship will stay forever and we will respect each other.