Sing out asia 2019

March, Cross-culture leadership training camp in Indonesia

August, Japan visit in tokyo

September, A cappella program in Bangkok

On 13th August, 2019, Students from Waseda University, Burapa University, Siam University had a cappella concert at BACC (Bangkok Art and Culture Centre, Siam). We invited Thai a cappella group AYALAS as a special guest!

Students stayed together at Lub d Bangkok Siam.

CCT facilitators, Dear and Koon, helped us a lot and organized the sight seeing day also!

September, CCT facilitator camp in Hanoi


Facilitator camp was held on September 17th-20th in Hanoi, Vietnam. Former CCT participants gathered and learned how to lead cross culture activities.

Vietnam team prepared everything for this camp and supported Sensei. They will lead CCT 2020 in Da Nang too.

Facilitators practiced CCT on 17th-19th, and they invited students at National Economics University to this camp on 20th. They had a actual performance as facilitators.

Past annual report

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