What's Sing Out Asia?

"Sing Out" means to sing or say something clearly and loudly. Sing Out Asia wants to sing or say our thought clearly and loudly. We want to encourage Asian youth to have a new mentality.

"The Age of Asia" has come. Beyond nationalism, we should unite. Asia has become one of the centers of the Earth in terms of business, politics and culture. However, Asian youth have not realized that they have responsibility in managing this planet Earth.

Non-profit organization Sing Out Asia wants to produce young global leaders from Asia who can contribute to the current demand of international society. 


Non-profit Organization (tokutei hi-eiri katsudo hojin) Sing Out Asia was established on December 4, 2007.

We have been authorized by Tokyo Metropolitan Government as NPO since 2011.  


Through cross-cultural simulation games, expand our understandings of other culture and to bring up the future leader personnel. 

Organize a cappella (no instrumental music) concert in various countries with the local students and  make friendship through music. 

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SOA family is around Asia

Thailand, Taiwan, Indonesia, Vietnam, Laos, Malaysia... all participants for SOA activity is our family and keep in touch after they go back to their home. Some countries have own SOA branches and independently organize local activities.

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SOA's mission is to build the linking bridge of Asian countries and give the young Asians chances to take the leadership. All our activities consists of warm support.


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