Prices & further information


We offer 2 kinds of concerts and we can offer 1, 2, 3 or 4 concerts* the same day in your school.

LONG CONCERTS (90' -About 17-18 songs-)

SHORT CONCERTS (60' -About 12-13 songs-)


Prices also include extra materials for students to be used before and after the concert. We come to your school and we bring all necessary equipment to do the activity: sound equipment, projector, screen, microphones, etc.

Prices do not depend on the number of students you take to the activity. You decide if you want to split groups depending on the number of students and levels you want to take to the activity. If you have many students (more than 100) we recommend that you consider the multiple concert option, so that most of them will have the opportunity to come and perform on stage. However, big audiences are also really succesful.

Prices vary depending on the number and length of concerts and the distance from Tarragona. Ask us for further information and we will give you and estimate with the exact price.

It is highly recommendable to book a long time in advance.


For further information or to book, call or send an email to:

Josep Suller

tel. 639046640