Attendance Management

Centralized Attendance Tracking System

Attendance Tracking Software is an unquestionable requirement for all Organizations. A solid and proficient attendance management software brings time timing as well as a total worker tracking arrangement.

An online time and attendance system will really look at significant disciplines of the representatives by this wise checking system. Track late coming, early check-outs, oversees regular shift changes, show current labor accessibility, oversee substitutes, and so forth Significant advantage would be accomplished if the association has numerous workplaces. The online reports from all workplaces would be apparent naturally.

The RS – Centralized Attendance Tracking System (CATS) is a Biometrics and Smart Phone-based Time Attendance Management System comprising equipment and Web-based Online Software.

It Features progressed Biometrics gadgets with PUSH Technology to give constant attendance information and examination. It permits you to sign in anytime from any place to see your Workforce presence, personal conduct standard, delays during shift change, and so on Biometrics and Smart Phone Attendance System is the new standard in today’s corporate culture across the globe and serves different imperative Human Resource processes in an association.

Its application goes from Payroll Management to Performance Appraisals. Our Centralized Attendance Software mechanizes the everyday Human Resource Processes in your association dependent on the prescribed procedures. When on Client premises, the application is called CATS.

Furthermore, when it is on Cloud it is RSHRIS (Human Resources Information Solutions). The thing that matters is essentially the quantum of IT Infrastructure required and the speculation. Practically they are indistinguishable.

Key Features of the Centralized Attendance Tracking System

Biometrics Based Attendance System: Biometrics attendance system utilizes the Employee biometric input for example thumb impression and facial impression to extraordinarily distinguish the individual and from that point consequently enlists the time-in and time-out information, keeping up with the lifetime record of all out worker hours put in by the Employee

Advanced cell-based: For the Employees in the field (Sales, Service, Drivers, Security Personnel, and so on) checking attendance is basically by utilizing an application on the telephones. The Geo area is recorded for exactness of area and information is refreshed in CATS/RSHRIS for auto-handling.

Incorporated: All your Employee information is situated in one Centralized Server. Indeed, even the attendance information of your branch workplaces situated in various pieces of the nation or world is caught and handled with exactness consequently. The Cloud-based design of Centralized Attendance Software considers availability from any place over the web.

Continuous: The Centralized Attendance Tracking System catches Employee Attendance and updates the records naturally on an ongoing premise conveying forward-thinking reports at whatever point you need. The system likewise includes constant warnings on your cell phone on boundaries wanted by you. The boundaries can go from day-by-day attendance reports to labor force accessibility on some random day.

Representative Self-Service Module: The employee Self-Service module works with two-way correspondence among Employees and the HR Department. An employee can see his/her attendance records, payslips, apply for regularization, access demand structures for leaves, advance, travel, overtime all web-based applications are sent consequently to the division head for endorsement. Application status is advised on the cell phone of the Employee on continuous premise and can be seen on oneself help entry.

Shift Management: This allows you to make various movements by setting up time periods, arrangements and apportioning to concerned representatives. This web-based Roster can be made by every Department for their group. Every worker gets a constant moment warning on his/her cell phone about the new shift doled out to him/her.

Days Scheduling: The timetable made by the Manager can be made and transferred on each Field Staffs Smart Phone. Every Employee can move according to the Scheduled visits for a more useful yield.