HR and Payroll Outsourcing

HR and Payroll Outsourcing Services for Small and Medium Business

Welcome to this article on managing your HR & payroll challenges, every CEO strives to implement a vision through his executive leadership team. HR Solution teams play a major role to ensure alignment towards this vision and typically deploy several motivators.

Some of the motivators that HR and Payroll Outsourcing organizations use include

  • Nurturing leadership

  • Tracking compensation and benefits

  • Career path

  • Offering skill augmentation opportunities

  • Managing reward programs

  • Recognition framework

While its organizations spend a lot of time and effort in implementing the motivators often some of the basic hygiene factors may get ignored. Payroll Outsourcing is one of the important hygiene factors for an organization to be productive HR motivators, as well as basic hygiene factors, need to be in place getting all other HR motivators right and the payroll element wrong can prove expensive

An organization that does not focus on basic hygiene factors is set up for failure. Typically most organizations decide to manage payroll system with in-house teams and face several challenges. It is difficult to get the right kind of people who understand accountability responsibility and ethics.

When hiring happens at junior to middle management level this makes it even tougher.

Deciding on the right software can be a tough decision with all the updates maintenance and customization requirements dependency on the Wender remains high and can be very expensive.

Your teams need to be trained in utilizing the software efficiently as there is no room for errors. This starts eating up management bandwidth to implement different policy and regulation changes in-house teams rely on manual interventions making it heavily error-prone.

You depend on manual effort to comply with statutory regulations this is not only a challenge but can have a huge risk attached to it. With in-house teams you also lose out on several other things with so many developments and new trends emerging in the fair role having domain knowledge plays a vital role.

Is your organization losing out with in house teams it is difficult to curtail employee crosstalk and maintain confidentiality as a key aspect in payroll System?

Are you able to maintain confidentiality in your HR & payroll System there is no room for error in payroll processing and junior teams typically will need supervision to ensure accountability?

Is your management spending more time than is necessary on your payroll?

Employees want much more communication than just receiving pay slips.

Every month are you able to manage employee communication related to payroll well?

Salaries will need to be processed irrespective of whether your payroll staff is on leave or has resigned from the organization.

You also need to ensure salaries in spite of emergencies like server crash, data loss, fire theft, etc. Payroll teams lack the technical expertise to manage software customization and depend on software vendors. Are your teams capable of managing these technical challenges?

Considering all these challenges it's time you consider a HR and Payroll Outsourcing specialist. Simply Solved has been exclusively focused in the payroll domain for over 12 years with over a hundred thousand payroll records processed monthly. Simply Solved has the experience to manage your requirements.

Over 250 clients trust Simply Solved with their payroll isn't it time that you did too. Simply Solved has been exclusively focused on the payroll domain for over 12 years. Handling payroll for a variety of companies across industry segments Simply Solved serves companies with as little as 3 employees to as many as 21,000 employees.

Simply Solved is a highly processed driven organization and is ISO 27001 certified we are also ISO 9001 certified. A Simply Solved ensures the confidentiality of data my payroll our self-service portal is HTTPS and SSL secure.

We also have comprehensive business continuity and disaster recovery plans in place. Simply Solved offers single-window services to all payroll related needs like statutory compliances leave management related services document verification etc.

We offer each client a dedicated incubation team; the team ensures the flawless transition from your existing systems to the Simply Solved process framework. Simply Solved has built its own IP to ensure automation and convenience to its customer’s precision our very own back-end.

The payroll engine is highly customizable and can meet your varied requirements. My payroll our employee self-service portal offers 24/7 secure access to employees as well as HR Outsourcing teams Simply Solved is proud to be associated with several elite clients who consider us to be their true partners.