I am an assistant professor (non-tenure track) at ifo's center for the Economics of Education/University of Munich. Additionally, I am a CESifo affiliate. 

I am interested in Labor Economics and in the Economics of Education. In my current research, I use (quasi-)experimental methods in order to inform parents, teachers, and policymakers. 

You can reach me at termeulen@ifo.de

Link to my CV.


15-Jan: Dutch political party D66 invited me to discuss incentives in education on the 3rd of Feb. 

11-Jan: I got an invite from the French Conseil scientifique de l’éducation nationale to talk about grade retention on 23rd of Jan.

18-Dec: I will write a GLO handbook chapter on Grade Retention with Jiee Zhong and Kendall Kennedy.

23-Oct: Matthijs Oosterveen asked me to organize a session on grade retention on the LESE conference. Looking forward!

16-Oct: Today I started to teach the BSc Economics of Education course again. This year I will do a bit more on Marco-economics and education. 

20-Feb: I did a podcast with ESB on my work on inequality in education. It provides good non-technical insight into my work. Spotify link: buff.ly/3RqfjkI

23-Jan: I became a CESifo member. 

2-Dec: Finished teaching my part of the economics of education course. A lovely experience.

1-Sep: I started in Munich.

9-May: My project on the education of refugee students got seed funding from ASF! 

17-Mar: I will give a seminar at the Masaryk University in Brnu on the 5th of May! 

7-Oct: I have been invited for the 2022 EALE Job Market Tour.

9-Sep: I will give a seminar in Helsinki at the Labour Institute for Economic Research on the 24th of November. 

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