Simone Sulpizio

Cognitive Neuroscience of Language


Neurobiological and cognitive mechanisms underlying reading and speech

The interplay between language processing and social and emotional factors


Sulpizio, S., Del Maschio, N., Del Mauro, G., Fedeli, D., & Abutalebi, J. (in press). Bilingualism as a gradient measure modulates functional connectivity of language and control networks. NeuroImage.

Scaltritti, M., Miniukovich, A., Venuti, P., Job, R., De Angeli, A., & Sulpizio, S. (2019). Investigating effects of typographic variables on webpage reading through eye movements. Scientific Reports, 9: 12711.

Del Maschio, N., Fedeli, D., Sulpizio, S., & Abutalebi, J. (2019). The relationship between bilingual experience and gyrification in adulthood: A cross-sectional surface-based morphometry study. Brain & Language.

Grecucci, A., Sulpizio, S., Tommasello, E., Vespignani, F., Job, R. (2019). Seeing emotions , reading emotions: behavioral and ERPs evidence of the regulation of visual and linguistic stimuli. Plos One 14: e0209461.

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