What is CoMICs?

"A picture tells a thousand words"

We are likely to remember up to 6.5 times more through learning from an infographic than by reading text alone (Krum R, 2013).

Keeping in mind visualising materials provides a more in-depth understanding of a topic, we have converted the complex information of medical conditions into graphic illustrations in a way that can be quickly consumed and easily understood. And thus CoMICs (Concise Medical Information Cines) was born. 

CoMICs is a combination of illustrations and infographics compiled in videos to provide bite-sized information on various topics.  Each CoMIC video depicts a specific medical condition from its presentation and investigations to step-wise management and follow-up options. The information on each topic is based on the national and international guidelines. And each video is critically reviewed by leading experts in that specific field of medicine. 

Who is CoMICs for?

For anyone who wants to know a condition in less than 5 minutes. Be it, medical students, junior doctors, early career specialists, consultants. ANYONE and EVERYONE!   

So, enjoy the CoMICs! And please share your thoughts and feedback so that we made it even better for you.

How is CoMICs organised?

Do you want to know more about a conditon in less than 5 minutes? Check out CoMICs 

Do you want patient education for specific medical conditions through animation and infographic that are easy to understand for people of any educational backgrounds? Check out CoMICs Lite

Do you want short videos summarising the latest endocrine research and articles published in the European journal of endocrinology? Check out Journal CoMICs

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